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  1. Wow 15lbs. in 5 weeks? that's awesome...I'm running off to the gym NOW!!! :D
  2. Days 150-165 Long time no post! Well I'm a little bit more than half way through my last month. My face is super dry and is peeling pretty badly. Before It was dry (but not flaking) and my lips were really dry. But not how my whole face is peeling. Which is good b/c that means that my red marks will fade a lot quickly. I'm using a very gentle exfoliant to help with the dead skin..I went to Sephora and bought Dr. Haushka cleanser/exfoliant and its all natural ..love the way it smells and does a
  3. Hey Heather...I haven't been on for awhile but I just saw your pics and you look great...skin is looking awesome!! I just saw my derm and I convinced her to let me go for another month on the 120 mgs. So hopefully with the extra month I'll really get rid of any chance of acne coming back. When is your follow up appt? in a few months? Take Care!!
  4. Days 131-138 Hey guys ...not much to report. Things are still status quo. Seems like these red marks are taking there sweet time to go away. I have my next appt. on 1/8/06. I am going to ask for another month b/c I think it will help with red marks and I'm just deadly afraid that I will get the oil again. So fingers crossed I'll get a 6th month. Take Care guys and have a Happy New Year!!!
  5. Days 127-130 Need red marks to go away!! I'm going to try to get another month so hopefully, my bloodwork will go ok and I'll get it. I actually feel a really small pimple (not a cyst). on the side of my face (not visible). I'm not complaining b/c in the grand scheme of things my face has improved considerably while on this drug. Still feel good!! Happy Holidays! Take Care guys!!!
  6. Days 122-126 Not much new to report. Things continue to improve no zits/pimples etc....just red marks!! Seems like they're fading but...they're not fading fast enough!!! I'm so impatient...lol. Take Care guys!!!
  7. Days 118-121 Life is good...skin is still improving. No cysts or pimples. Skin is really smooth. Red marks seem to be fading.
  8. Welcome to the 120 mg club....hope it goes well for you. I have one more month left beginning next Tuesday!!
  9. Days 112-117 So my skin has been doing really well so far. I think its been over 2.5 weeks since I've had any new pimples or cysts. That one cyst that I've been posting about has scabbed away and become a red mark. But overall my skin is really smooth and I can see some of the marks fading away. I went to my Derm on Thursday and she thinks that 5 months will be enough for me. She said that all my redmarks will go away. I love her confidence. I did tell her that I was a little worried about the
  10. 109-111 Nothing new to report. Face is improving!!! Skin soft Red marks still there slow improvement .....but I notice some change. Getting my bloodwork tomorrow have a check up on Thursday hoping to get another month tacked on.
  11. HA..I know..I was dreading it. But I had to go shopping b/c I needed a new outfit to wear that night ! *You know how us girls are!! Days 103-108 Ok so I have to say ...I'm pretty happy b/c I am noticing improvement. I just hope it continues. My skin is super soft and whatever cysts I have are going away. My face is super super dry. Get this my eyelids are peeling ...Thats how dry my face is!! I was supposed to have an derm appt. today but had to push to next week b/c of work. I'm hoping I'
  12. You should take Dr. Dan's cortibalm for dry lips. It is the best advice I can give you in terms of using products while on accutane. I'm on 120 mgs. so my lips are very very very dry. But after using it ..I went back to how I was pre-accutane. Good Luck.
  13. Hey Heather...You took the words right out of my mouth. I mean before I decided to go on accutane I was surfing the web (on this site constantly) trying to read up on accutane and find out how other people had taken this drug and have successful outcomes. I saw people with severe acne (no where near what I had) on 40 mgs and completely clear at the end of a 6 month run. I thought to myself well if my skin isn't that bad than I should be able to clear up pretty quickly...and that this drug will