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  1. Hello all. This is my 2nd post on acne.org. My first was when my acne was at its worse.I developed moderate to severe acne mostly on my cheeks. I had at least 3-4 cysts per cheek and 8+ regular zits along my jaw and forehead. About a year and a half ago I started Dan's Regimen. This helped me reduce my acne to about one new pimple a week. Which for me is amazing. Yet about 5 months ago I noticed that the BP isn't working as well as it used to to keep my acne at bay. I'm no where near what I used
  2. Domenica1n

    So It Begins...

    I started the acne.org regimen last night. I am not using the actual products from acne.org but I'm using la roche posay mela D deep cleaning face wash as the cleanser. Proactive's 2.5 bp repairing cream and neutrogenas sensative skin moisturizer. I hope this is gonna work I don't think that the bp is any different then acne.org bp I hope this works. If any of you have tried this regimen with proactive or any other 2.5 bp please tell me ur experience and if it worked for you. Thanksss