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  1. Hi, if you go back in the conversation you can see that I'm not a fake profile--I'm even on page 11 of this thread. I was on Acne.org for a long time and tried just about everything. I was super skeptical about Dr. Neal when I first found out about him. I wanted to come back after all these years to to tell those that are suffering that after 6 months my chronic cystic acne that was ruining my life was all gone. I get a few pimples here and there like normal humans now, but Dr. Neal CHANGED MY L
  2. /bump Still looking for people that have completed this "bootcamp". Or even if they have found some more information this program. Thanks.
  3. /bump Still looking for anyone that has tried this program or knows someone that has tried it. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for your input Rentstuff. I can't use BP i'm allergic to it--and wish I found out sooner. Dr. Schwartz says that he doesn't use BP in his products. /shrugs. Good luck, everyone. I'll be back periodically. Willow has referred me to some clinic so I might try them out.
  5. Well, I knew that coming to this board would help me clear some things up. I tried to search those posts that you were talking about and couldn't find them anywhere on the boards. I also did find that he is a physician; however it is just as willow569 has stated--nothing of note. I'm SO curious about why there are no reviews on his product anywhere on the web. That to me sounds so suspicious. I'm going to refrain from buying his product for now, because of what is happening in this post.
  6. The BP is actually drying the shit out of your skin. It did this very thing to my skin and it has not recovered ever since--and I did it back in 2007 (check the archives if you want). If you have sensitive skin do not use the Dan regimen-- Before going forward, please, PLEASE make sure you're not allergic to BP. I did not know I was allergic to BP for years because no one ever told me it was even possible to be allergic to BP. If I did know I wouldn't even be in this disastrous place as it is--
  7. I have them right now, even though I've NEVER had them before. I know for a fact it's because of the topical steroid they were giving me. My have one by one all become inflamed and when they do the stuff that comes out of them are hard lil' nasty crusty things--like when I finally push one out I can rub them between my fingers and it doesn't even break apart. I'm sure your lil flesh bumps are the same but on a much smaller simpler level. Deep down in your pore you have something this small and
  8. If I search "Neal Schwartz" on Yelp, his office does come up. There are no reviews though, so it seems that his business is legit. He also helps those with hemorrhoids--? Hmm. I'm going to call his offices number on Monday (July 13th) and shoot him an email tonight to see what he says. Again, if you know anyone or heard anything about theacnepractice please let us all know. I'll keep you guys updated.
  9. I'm in awe at the lack of any information what so ever about theacnepractice that is outside the original website and youtube videos. It's been open since 2008 and I can't find any consumer reviews or anything about it. How is that even possible in this day and age? Thanks for your input, so far, anyone have any other information? I've been looking into other avenues of information gathering also. I'll keep you guys updated, but if you know someone or have used it, let us know!
  10. Like many of you, I've been fighting acne for years. If you search my profile, you'll notice that I have been suffering for a long time 10 years plus, and I have had the most success with using "nothing" just washing with laurel soap and facial lotion. However, my forehead is a fucking disaster, and it's so depressing. This dumb ass derm prescribed me with some topical steroid and fucked my skin up even worst and now I'm on oral antibiotics for the next 2 months to help fix the problem. I don'
  11. I am a believer in the "simple" regimen, plus detox, plus exercise. It's been almost a year since I began my regimen and I am SOOOOooo close to being clear. It's been 10 years since I've been clear, so you can imagine how excited I am. But emotionally, I totally understand your situation. When I am totally cleared up, I will come back and write a huge post for everyone, and try to help as many people as possible. Until then...I am a believer because I am practicing it right now, and it is worki
  12. My forehead is the last remaining area that is still a disaster. My regime is really helping, and I'm trying to deal witht he permanent scarring that is the part of 10 years of destroying your skin with chemicals. Please listen to me when I say this, "Do not use any dandruff shampoo on your forhead or any other part of your facial skin." When I used it, it made it WORSE--because your facial skin is MORE sensitive than your scalp, and all those chemicals will make it over react and you will brea
  13. Laurel Olive Soap and Dermalogica: intensive moisture balance Don't use anything else. You will go through hell at first but after months of letting your skin heal itself, you will thank me. I'm hoping that at the end of the summer I will be totally clear and I can come back and post my success story. You can buy the soap on Ebay--really cheap. The lotion is expensive but it is the best face lotion, hands down. I have been on my regimen of soap and lotion only for almost a year and I am S
  14. This will work for people that haven't been destroying their skin for years and years. I have had acne and fighting it for 10 years. Anyone with permanent damaged skin from years of topical meds--THIS WILL NOT WORK. BUT those that are fortunate enough to understand that the skin will heal itself at an early stage--THIS WILL WORK. I have found something that is working for me, but I will come back and tell you the success story when it is actually a success story. Hopefully at the end of the su