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  1. i go tanning while on the tane, i cant help it. However i cut down a lot since pre tane. only 5 mins a fortnight
  2. next time you make an appointment specifically ask for her who seems to be helping rather than the other idiot who deserves to be shot IMO
  3. UPDATE : DAY 10 Full of acne still, the acne i have seems to hav gotten bigger in size and also i am rapidly gaining like 2-3 large spots daily, this laser treatement seems to have sent my moderate acne toward the severe mark. I know i said ill give it at least 3 treatements and they did tell me to expect a breakout within 3 weeks but my god i cant cope with this.... What if it just carries on after 3 treatements im gonna be doomed, it hasnt cured any acne so far and although i said i would d
  4. im noticing good results with h&s however i was leaving it on and i have unbelievable dry marks almost like burns across my back and chest and the whole area is a rash!! So I just want to point out to anyone that leaves the H&S on after showering to make sure they wash it off after a few minutes Im going to wait a few days and just keep applying moisturiser until my skin is back to normal, then ill be doing the same as you. Good luck mate, it works a treat when done correctly ;)
  5. I will also say this once and I'll say it nicely - I aint provoking anything and I aint getting my panties in any twists that werent already there. Its a forum, people diagree with other people. Thats life.
  6. Ok Except for the applying of BP part of this, the rest has basically been taken from a bb'ing website. Nothing to do with curing acne whatsoever. This regimen is a basic newbie bodybuilding one, a very basic one at that, and would more than likely cause a lot of people here to pack on the fat while not been gym regulars. So your great "diet" is gonna make acne sufferers have weight issues aswell... Well done fool And why the need t copy and a lot of your article, its easily available on the
  7. Thanks wiggle. It actually looks worse in them pictures than normal but i posted them so that in 6 month or so i can look back and see if there is a progress being made.. laserase in newcastle is where im getting it done. Its just outside the freeman hospital, http://www.laserase.com/newcastle/acne.html Tel : 01918130666 There is the details for them, they gave me a free consulatation which basically told me not to expect to much improvement until after about 6 weeks and that scarring inm
  8. ok here is my story, for about 10 yrs ive battled with facial acne but never ever once had back/chest acne until now... I know exactly how i got the chest and back acne and i have it bad, i just dont know how to get rid. ive been trying the H&S shampoo treatement but it isnt working. But ive seen acnelight.com (or .org) and they sell a red/blue light for $149, anyone tried these and got results. Im already paying £200 per month fo laser treatement on my face so an one off £100ish does
  9. watch what your saying people.. last week he had the perfect regimen that.. er... made him break out!! But this week he has transformed into a Bodybuilder !! Not to be messed with this chap!
  10. DAY 5 Still no difference. Starting to feel like ive wasted my money however they did say i wont notice a change immediately and that it could be upto the third session before i see a change so im sticking to my original plan of three treatements before considering giving up. Also hopefully it this log will help anyone thinking of giving the laser treatement a shot in future. Can anybody tell me what type of acne i have from my photos? My GP (doctor) says its mild acne vulgaris (sp?) but i t
  11. Yeah i used nuetrogena on the spot with 2.5% bp. worked very well but like i said i missed it sometimes. I did get a breakout after about 2 weeks but not a bad one, also got dryness so had to moisturize after applying the bp. Only thing i didnt like - and partly why i came off - is that bp makes the red marks left from acne take a lot longer to fade. And the red marks are the main things i want rid of
  12. Man your such a pr!ck. Even if you post your flawless regimen i wont be using it. One of its side effects seem to be you turn into a retard so ill give it a miss. Also shut up already with your intense bodybuilding talk. Thats a load of bull. You obviously no nothing about BB'ing if your eating fast foods, "greasy french fries" and KFC to gain muscle mass. Yeah sure you need to increase calories but by eating quality foods for carbs + protein etc not junk food which will just bump up your bod
  13. im using the classic clean for men (which im told is the correct h&s to use). been using it about 10 days, leaving it on overnight and in all honesty i havent seen one change in my back acne. No irratation but more importantly no improvement. How are you applying it, i have a bath and apply it in the bath just before getting out, i then leave it to dry in and the foam goes sort of creamy, i rub that in and let it all dry. It does get itchy as heck but as long as i dont itch i dont get any
  14. good luck mate, accutane should sort that out easily and by the look of it you havent been picking and popping causing scars which is something thats so hard for me. Means that you will have flawless skin after you treatement hopefully.
  15. interested to know how this goes as i tried bp for 3 motnh but i think the reason it didnt work for me is because i missed a few days.. Like you i always go out clubbing and the last thing i feel like doing is applying soap, BP then mousturize when i have a stonking hangover and am half dead in bed on a weekend