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  1. Well I started in a similar way when I began. Started with 4% benzoyle peroxide as I could not find any 2.5%. Worked perfect for me and have never really used anything below 4%. As for the redness. Well perhaps you should not use as much BP to start with. Let your skin get used to the medication for a while. That takes time. As for the burning after the application of the moisturizer. Well that's normal. Been there had it many times when I used to do the reg. It calms down after a while.
  2. From what you have said, I can only really see the change in your moisturizer as a possible cause of your breakouts. Reminds me of what I went through during my time on the regiment at one point. I decided to switch to eucerin moisturizer as like everyone else I was having problems with dry flaky skin. Anyway, the moisturizer immediately broke me out and I stopped using it straight away. I figured it must have been some ingredients that did not go well with my skin. It happens sometimes when c
  3. Hi. Well it could perhaps be a few things. I personally tried Dan's BP years ago and it was not so good for me. The regiment has worked fantastic but with brevoxyl BP which I've always used. Dan's BP never worked well with my skin. It actually broke me out and I never used it again. I'm not saying its bad. I'm just saying different peoples skin react differently to different products. Perhaps a certain ingredient or another. Could be loads of things. But Dan's BP does work very well for a lot of
  4. Well it has been a long time. but from what i remember it is generally normal. the whole process of your skin getting used to the BP takes time. The highly active acne areas especially take time to calm down fully. Some are real stubborn from what I remember. I used to load up even more bp on those areas as I got so fee up sometimes I remember. The really active areas tend to take a bit longer to calm down from what I remember for sure. Eventually they will clear if you stick with the regiment
  5. I remember years ago early on in my acne battle before I found this site. I used this all natural acne cream from this website I came across. It was called clearface I think. Long long time ago. I used to go out with the tub in my pocket believe it or not. Once I was about to go into a club and the security was searching me as they always do to everyone. He got to my pocket and looked at me asking what I had in there. It was so embarrassing! I pulled it out and showed him and just said its for
  6. Way to go Jenaphile. It's always good to hear another successful regiment story. I used the reg for a few years as well and it was nothing short of amazing for me. Cleared me up completely. I could never have guessed how good the results would be. Nowadays I'm lucky enough to say that I'm clear without the need for BP anymore. Thank God. But really it all started here on this site for me. Can never say thank you enough. If anyone have any questions, please feel free to send me a message. I p
  7. Well as someone who has been to hell and back with acne, I can definitely say the regiment is worth it for sure. I stumbled on this site in 2006 I think and it changed my life for sure. I had acne for about a year I think when I found this place. In just one year it was hell already. Anyway, I followed Dan's regiment to the letter and it worked a treat. All over my face. One thing I would say however is try and find the right product for you. BP wise and moisturizer wise especially. Some pro
  8. I've used www.expresschemist.co.uk for years now. I only order from them like once a year now because my acne has been fully under control thanks to the regiment. I have not done the reg for a long time but I keep bp around just in case. (Paranoid or what!!) I sometimes get the occasional pimple so I spot treat that way. But anyway. Express chemist is the way to go. They have brevoxyl which I used in all my time on the regiment. Its excellent and has never failed me. Also quinoderm 5 is quit
  9. Well, I can understand you wanting to cut down the after a while. I did the same and eventually it worked well. I basically done it in stages. Firstly I did what you are thinking of doing, that is I applied BP only at nights. It seemed to work well...so I stuck with it for a long while. Then after I think a few months or weeks, can't remember exactly, I tried an even bolder routine. I tried only using bp every couple of day and only at night again. To my delight, it worked again. I kept a
  10. As someone who has successfully quit the regiment (just about the only thing I've been successful at in my life ) really) I may have some good advice for you guys. Basically Do Not try and quit flat out just over night. Your skin will most likely react and it will not react in a favourable manner. Try and ease off very slowly. Your skin will still most likely react but it will do so at a slower pace. It might not work for everyone. For me it was a gradual process. Over months really. It most
  11. Well in short of accutane, you just have to stick with the regiment really. I know its time consuming and frustrating with the constant dry skin feeling you always get. Try changing your products maybe. Try a different BP. Perhaps a little stronger like a 4%. Or a different moisturiser and cleanser. It might help.
  12. Perhaps try a different moisturiser and add some jojoba oil. Just because it did not work with dans moisturiser don't give up on jojoba oil. Its worked wonders for a lot of people including myself. When I was in doubt I used to add even more jojoba oil. It left me shiny all the time but its the only thing that kept me moisturised under all the benzoyle peroxide. I used it with clean and clear oil free dual action moisturiser. I still use it time to time.
  13. Well I've used the regiment since 2006 when I stumbled across this site just browsing around for a solution to all my troubles. Lucky enough I found it. Off course I also found new troubles along the way but that's another story altogether. Anyway, I followed dans regiment to the letter for over 2 years before I started experimenting. Mostly by accidents really but the experiments worked also and I managed to stay clear without the reg since 2009 now. But yes, the regiment is definitely wort
  14. Well, I used to be on the regiment for a few years. Fortunately it got to a stage were I was able to eventually get clear after about 3 years. I haven't used the regiment all over for about 4 years now. I used to get acne all over my face. Now recently about a month and a half ago I started having a couple of breakouts on both my temple areas at the side of my face. I'm pretty sure it was a hat I was wearing on the daily that's caused it. A woolly hat for the cold. After 4 years. I can't beli
  15. Hi. From your story i would suggest that perhaps a change of benzoyle peroxide might help. Maybe something a little stronger. I used a 4 percent BP in all my time on the regiment. I dont do the full reg no more as it worked wonders and ive been clear for a few years but i would suggest that a different stronger BP might help.