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  1. Wow, it's been a while. I'll just start by linking you a thread I posted here six years ago. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/123107-christehbarras-roaccutane-log/ Lay in bed this morning, I suddenly came to think of my old username for some reason, so I googled it and found this forum again. I thought it might be useful for me to just report back after six years having passed, in order to help those who are just starting their Accutane journey. The thread above cuts off
  2. I'm not saying this is linked or in any way responsible for what has happened but I took accutane in autumn to winter of 2006. Now recently, a little before christmas I started seeing psychiatrists and am being treated for depression and psychosis. Could this be a pure coincidence? If my acne comes back what are my chances of getting accutane now?
  3. Couldn't agree more on the video game addiction views. I used to play an online game, the first I played, about 4 or 5 years back. I lost the most amazing girl I could have ever wished for because of it; shame I didn't realise and was to young at the time to appreciate how good I had things. Gnh. Oh, and now i'm hooked on warcraft.
  4. Why do I recognise your name? Oh yes, that's right; search on it and youll find a ream of posts or threads centered around being a complete chauvenistic jackass. Sorry if this was already mentioned but I had to reply before reading the full thread.
  5. I think you're a good looking guy (Sorry Calibos, my love <3), and ignore the "emo" comments, your hair looks ace.
  6. Oh wow this thread's still alive. I'm still trundling along on Citalopram (Celexa) now at 40mg. Thanks to NHS waiting lists (though I guess I can't complain; it's free), i'm looking at a 8 month or longer waiting time to see any form of psychiatrist or psychologist. Basically i've not been doing great on this med, it's helped my anxiety but I still get some, and it's not helped with the depression. And now I can't really sleep too well in addition to all of that, and lost a girlfriend because
  7. I'm on 20mg now. How fast does the change affect you? Because I have this urge to get up and jump out the window or do something big, yet at the same time I have no energy, am restless and feel really ... blerghghhghghsnarfle.
  8. I finally made an appointment to see my doctor a few weeks ago and explained everything about how I was feeling, about low self esteem, anxiety, and how I hadn't been eating much and just generally feeling down about everything. He suggested that I be on a waiting list to see a psychotherapist. A 6-9 month waiting list; whoop-de-do. In the meantime I asked for something I could take to help since it was really beginning to affect my social life and daily function in general. And as a result I
  9. You need to confront it now to be honest. My face & body have never been clearer. I'd say nowadays, a "bad day" for me would be if I got one spot (don't hate me, it's thanks to accutane ). But I still suffer from the anxiety and all the crap that comes with it. I'm actually on anti-depressants now for anxiety disorder and some days I will do exactly what you just described, some days I don't even reach that stage until after 30 minutes in front of the mirror attempting to style my hair or
  10. like u ever hear the saying " being in the moment" well its like that, chciks are not logical beings they are emotional, if u get them feeling a certain way, they will let u kiss them, even cheat of their bf.
  11. My work attire actually makes me more attractive to girls..
  12. I actually do feel worse after 3 days and am constantly tired Silly side effects. Hurry up and work
  13. I think I spelt that right. I saw my doctor yesterday, finally, after years of suffering from really bad anxiety and stupid self-conscious issues. It's not even really to do with acne anymore since that cleared up. So I had everything ready to explain to the doctor when I went in, and found out that the surgery had a whole bunch of brand new doctors practicing there Spoke to one I had never seen before and who said I would probably not see again. I suddenly forgot everything I was going to say
  14. As the title says ;p Anyone taking medication for anxiety?
  15. Proactive (or whatever it is called) may be USA-only, but Accutane isn't! Although I'm not sure how severe your acne is or if it would warrant accutane. There are loads of creams that can help a lot and are prescription, but I would say on the whole clearasil and it's family of over-the-counter products are not very effective. As an initial step, if it is bothering you that much, see your doctor.
  16. Sorry to put you through the hell of a block of text if you decide to read this. I suffer from social anxiety to a pretty large degree, unless I've had a drink I constantly feel self conscious and like everybody is judging me when I'm in public. The busier the place, the worse I get (tachycardia, palpitations, dizzyness - the whole deal) - And lately I can't focus on anything nor be motivated to work, i'm constantly bored and wondering what exactly the purpose of my life is at the moment as I go
  17. Well as the title says, It was mild and on my shoulders, back and chest. Accutane eradicated it, but since a couple of weeks before the end of my course, I noticed hundreds of little white bumps combined with blackheads coming up on my shoulders / chest, and a little on upper arms. Only really visible from close and in the light but it annoys me. I had to stop accutane at 3 and a half months because my LDL levels were elevated, but everyone told me my derm was overreacting and that not many peo
  18. I don't work at the moment, just work placement but it can be pretty quiet sometimes. Last night on a 12 hour shift we only had one job which was some drunk guy.
  19. Would also like to know that as I have a fair few on my chest and shoulders. Seem to have come AFTER accunt-tane got rid of my acne.. and really won't budge with anything I use.
  20. I think I have some sort of Anxiety Disorder. I cancel going out quite often with friends and meeting people just because i feel so self conscious about how I look - my body, my hair my clothes, it's often I find something I dislike. It's lost me a couple of friends in the past. I met a girl i liked quite a lot, and the msn conversation i will now post is centered around the fact that i was about to cancel going out today, after having cancelled roughly the last 3 times. If you can be bothered
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