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  1. First off stop putting head and shoulders on ur face..that is insane and a good thing to do if you want acne. I would advise you try taking allergy tablets for a while (ones that are for more than one allergy and not just hayfever etc) and see if it works, does for me. I cant eat any chocolate normally without breaking out but when i start taking allergy tablets i can eat as much as i like with hardly any problems. Anyway if you give it a try id lke to know if it works for you to .
  2. For a long time i had no acne, but about 2 weeks ago i started my exams and i started gettin quite a few spots (not big problem) but as each day passed more and more kept comin up.....on the last day of exams it was at its worst and i had the most spots ive ever had. Can spots be caused purely by stress? If i dont pop any, will they leave any marks? Thanks for ur replies
  3. Has anyone used or is using this gel. I just got it and just wanted to know what other peoples experiences with it are.
  4. I just got these same tablets.....28 tablets, 250mg, 4 a day. How long have u been taking them and have they clear up ur skin?
  5. They are just over the counter pills from anywhere such as boots. No presciption needed. I no it doesnt seem likely to work but if ur spot are caused by the same factor as mine it will work very well
  6. I am just posting this because i have been taking skin allergy tablets and i can eat what ever i want and not worry about getting spots, where as before i started taking allergy tablets i couldnt eat a tiny bit of chocolate without breaking out bad. It is definately the tablets keeping me clear because when ever i ran out, i get spots. Anyways, give it a try, helped me out alot more than any cream or acne pill. I didnt have bad acne when i started taking em, but i would say give it a week and
  7. i started taking anti allergy tablets and i stopped getting spots......then i ran out of tablets and i got a few spots overnight. You might just say it was conincidence, but 2 days later i got some more allergy tablets and for the 2 weeks i took them not one spot. now yesterday i ran out again and i woke up to 3 spots (only small but they are still spots). I am now confident that my acne has just been an allergy all this time.
  8. Try taking pills that stop the symptoms of skin allergies. Since i started to use them i dont get spots unless i eat lots of chocolate. I can eat chocolate in moderation now that i take the tablets and not worry about a tone of spots as a result.
  9. doesnt take a week to appear..it takes 2 days maximum. I know because its my face.
  10. I get spots everyday. If i dont eat any rubbish then i get much fewer spots but i still get at least 1 new one eveyday. And now after a week of eatting crap (its christmas) not one spot appears until i run out of the pills. It could be a a coincidence, but it is more likely that the pills did keep the spots away.
  11. I know some people just have it cause they have it...but i dont think alot of people would consider an allergy the cause.....and taking anti allergy pills is an easy thing to test and if it works than problem solved
  12. The last week i have been taking anti allergy pills. nothin special, just over the counter ones and have been taking them as i would if i had hayfever. The thing is that i have been eatting anything i want such as chocolate (not going crazy) and not one spot came up. But yesterday i ran out of the pills and now today i have a big spot on my cheek. You can make ur own mind up but i think that the pills were stoping the allergic reaction
  13. Spot free..... and red marks are minimum thanks to cleanance K
  14. I have tried to not pop any spots in the past and always ended up poping em somewhere along the line. But mid week i had a chocolate binge and got 1 big spot on each cheek appeared. 3 days later of not poping em jus a bit of BP each night and there gone without any marks....
  15. Its been two days now since i had the chocolate and i ve only got 1 spot??? I think that my genious idea worked If i have no spots or like 1 or 2 extra ones 2morrow i am labelling this method of spot prevention a miracle