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  1. thank you all for replying and sorry about the typos in my first post. Here are my steps. Consider that I always wait at least 5 mins between Cleanser and Treatment and about 7/10 between Treatment and Moisturizer. So, this is what I do every morning and evening: 2 pumps Cleanser, applied very gently for about 10 seconds. 1 finger-length Treatment. I used to apply it very quickly in order to touch my face as little as possible and left a bigger amount to dry on my 'worst' parts. However tak
  2. Hello! I come here looking for answers. After making sure I do everything I am supposed to within the regimen, I am afraid to say this isn't work for me. It has been around 3 month and I have seen no improvement whatsoever; I actually got worse. Anyone with the same experience? I am considering try something else but I don't know whether I should wait a bit longer....thanks!