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  1. hahaha this is the funniest topic i have read......... if i choose clear skin can u also throw in a full head of hair????? if not ill take the money since ive already done heaps of treatment and my skins ok now.............. SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. hey just letting u know that i can relate 2 what ur feeling like, i went on myspace once and started adding pplz who were online cause i couldnt cope with that nite and just desperatelyt needed some1 2 talk 2 and get my mind off shit ..... just hang in there and think of ways 2 divert ur thoughts( mayb calling a 24/7 hotline as some1 suggested) cause i would have really regretted it if i had hurt myself or committed suicide p.s ive had really bad acne scars(mega bad) and my face is pretty much
  3. hey thanks 4 every1s positive comments, , just bare with me cause i didnt expect 2 get soo many msg, so im typing up my experience in detail hopefully 2 answer it all and would post it when im finished. atm the word count is 2046 and im only half way done. :S
  4. yeah i thought the names of my pics would come up but the 1st and third 3rd one are b4 pics but the pics are reduced by like 65% but if u see the originals u can really see the difference
  5. hi i was wondering if i can mix aquamid wif restalyne???? thanks
  6. hey, im currently undergoing fraxel treatments and was wondering if i can get fillers as well or do i have to wait months after last fraxel b4 fillers? thanks p.s i get alot of bloodspots after treatments i dunno if any1 else experiences this, most post treatments ive heard have to do with redness and swelling, my guy goes hardcore which is good
  7. hey every1, im having my 1st fraxel treatment next week, mid september, im lucky because my dermo told me i have to pay $1000 for 1st treatment then the rest are 80% off. same wif all the filler, im thinking of getting the permanant 1s. i live in australia and i get 80% back from medicare new rule now wif pplz with acne scars hopefully i get the time to get b4 and after pics so i can show u guys. ive searched heaps of places and fraxel seems like the only promising thing out there. ive tri