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  1. yeah i get flat acne bad also, it take ages for them to heal for me wat r u doin to prevent it
  2. wat the topic says i hav been off for about 1 month now and am still breaking out and cumilative dose was correct , i am hopin my skin settles back to the skin i had during tane, can people give their thoughts and experances
  3. is it normal to be breakin out? is my skin still settling in? hopefully it gets better as it was during tane? i dont mind the odd 1 pimple here, but when i break out like a couple a day it starts to freak me out, i am also gettin alot of blocked pores and my oil is startin to return, isnt this to early?
  4. those red bumps happened to me to, i hav one under my eye at the moment it is just like a red bump very weird arent they. but it is good to know that i aint alone. i am 4 days post tane so my skin should be settling off the drug now
  5. well as the topic states, i get these bumps like mozzie bites all around my chest and arms, there itchie like crazy, but i cnat tell if they are mozzie bites of just pimples i hav been on accutane for alittle over three months now and this is the first time i hav had any sort of acne on my chest even before accutane, so wat r ur thoughts?
  6. i know how u feel, i hav done that alot. then i have to make excuses all the time.. bloody annoying. but i move on wif life and wat ever is in the past is in the past
  7. yeah i know wat u mean, i didnt see one of my est mates for like a month and then next time i saw him he had a bad case of acne i was worried for him. i felt like sayin something but i held back.
  8. ur skin does flakes whilst on acctuane and it flakes on ur top of ur head as well as ur face this is caused by the dryness. a shampoo mositurizer would work. i havent suffered dandruff whilst on it so i am only guessin wat the problem is, hopefully some one will hav the correct answer or a similar one hope this helps
  9. ur blackheads are bein pushed out and they will become more noticeable as they are bein pushed out of the pore it only lasted a couple of days for me thou. the ib is a killer, 20 days is about right to be havintane will help clear u up soon, just hang in there
  10. good luck wif ur doctors appointment hopefully it aint something serious
  11. i use it it doesnt irritate me at all so i am happy and i dont shed at all any more
  12. yeah i didnt hav hairloss or hair thinning cause i hav long hair, well for a guy anyway, so didnt notice it
  13. dude wat an improvement congradulations hope tane works as good for me as it did for u
  14. u seem really depressed for a guy who wirtes in caps, however try accutane and insist on it, go to ur derm and say i hav had it for this long tried everything, topicals, antibitotics etc. just exagerate i know it is lyin if u do exagerate but say u really need it and hopefully the derm will be nice
  15. IGNORE THEM, thats the best option they are only "dissin" u cause they get a reaction from u. stop lettin them hav a huge affect over u just stay wif ur friends that actually care and sooner or later those girls will come crawlin once ur a stallion lmao that could work....
  16. i need/want ur shoes, i am goin out now to buy some but i must do it stealth style
  17. if u do a search i remebr awhile ago, another member had a problem just as urs. It was thought it ws because that ur anus is dry and it is crackin or something causin it to bleed. do a search and i am sure u will find it
  18. i am almost near my third month and still gettin breakouts, it is normal, people stop breakin out at different times some at 2 months some at 5 months
  19. i got a girlfriend and for the past week we hav been goin out i hav wondered wat does she see in me. it aint looks, it cnat be personauilty because i barely talk to her and when i do i look at the ground so she cant see my face... so wat does she see in me and hav any of u had the same problem
  20. i hav been gainin weight but i dont mind it aint that bad, i actually look forward to burnin it into muscle
  21. i aint depressed but i am moody, mum says i am moody all the time to her, but i told her that was there before i started tane
  22. thats right 9 times about a small pimple, it wasnt even that noticeable, i hav worse ones on my forhead, i dont understand, i was feelin good to, cause it was only small i didnt think anyone would notice why cant people shut up
  23. accutane rashesusually body lotion/moisturiser usually helps ,
  24. i had a break out, in the first weeks contiuned u to break out all the way till the end of the 2nd month and it is slowly reducing the breakouts, worst time was at week 6. but some people may not get breakouts, hav hope