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  1. Hey internet – I've been off Absorbica for about two weeks, so wanted to give an update on how things have been going. I've said this before, but I pretty much stopped breaking out near the end of Month 3. I still have clear skin (although I do get the occasional *small* pimple, but it disappears before I can freak out about it). You can see in the photos that there are darker marks/pigmentation on my cheekbones, that is scarring from acne I had before starting treatment. As you can see, i
  2. Hey, I was on antibiotics before treatment, and for the first month of treatment, so I hardly had any *new* cysts post-starting accutane treatment. I mostly had a CRAZY batch of whiteheads for a few days and it was downhill from there. Drink more water, that should help with the headaches. Hope you're clearing up!
  3. Hey. Sounds a little similar to me as well. I'm taking 20mg in the morning and 10mg at night. I was pretty dry for the first month (face and scalp) but since then it's really only been my lips. Definitely start using sunscreen if you're not already. Good luck!
  4. Hey! The embryolisse was something I used early on during treatment when I had really flakey skin. It was really the only moisturizer that combatted the dryness and made my skin feel soft at that time. Now I'm pretty religious about using the Glossier moisturizer in the morning (plus a sunscreen) and a thin layer of the Origins overnight mask at night. Although, I do think it is a combo between those lotions, the argan oil/skincueticals treatment, regular exfoliation, healthy eating, etc. that h
  5. Hi -- here's my end of Month 3 update: skin is acne free (feeling really lucky to have so much improvement so quickly) scarring is still visible but I've noticed significant fading on my face and back I'm not very dry on my face, but my lips are always chapped overall the skin on my body is much more fragile and scrapes easily, also takes a long time to fully heal I only wash my hair twice a week, mostly to get rid of flakiness from my scalp (it's not really dandruff... just dry in a few areas)
  6. Really love looking back at my progress photos over the last few months, so much has changed! I'm in the midst of my third month, overall not much has changed since my last post. Mostly clear skin, not terribly dry, blood levels came back good. You can see dark spots in the photos, but it's just hyper-pigmentation and scarring. Slowly fading away...
  7. Quick update, about to start my third month: Basically stopped breaking out, occasionally find a blackhead or two on my cheeks Not super dry, not oily Leg muscles have been sore recently and it's not from exercise Scars from pre-accutane and initial breakout are slowly fading away My hair was pretty flakey the first 6 weeks but it finally mellowed out I slept in my makeup last weekend and woke up with it looking exactly the same as the previous night. I even went to the grocery store with frie
  8. Quick update (about 7 weeks into treatment): overall tone of skin has improved, no serious breakouts, wishing my pores were smaller but whatever. genetics. not super dry; using the Origins Drink Up mask as a daily moisturizer and have a Fresh Black Tea mask sample, so far so good sometimes have dried blood in nose (gross) still get winded pretty quickly if doing laborious physical activity, but maybe I'm just super out of shape lol haven't broken out on my back in weeks and the scarring has fa
  9. I'm also on 30mg a day for 5-6 months. Pretty sure your daily dosage is related to body weight.
  10. Ah I'm in SF too and also having a hard time not drinking. It's such a huge part of any social activity here... And I'm not really broadcasting the reason why I'm not drinking so it's hard to turn drinks down... Tough situation to be in when you're young and living in one of the coolest cities!
  11. Just finished my first pack! skin and lips are not too dry, no flaking stopped picking at blackheads and no red splotches/scabs woohoo! haven't any had new acne for about a week, but a new one came up on my chin a few hours ago. weird. uhh I went running and played tennis recently and got winded. really quickly. probably sticking to yoga for the rest of treatment. Overall my skin tone looks and feels much clearer and smoother than it did 30 days ago. Looking at the first set of photos compare
  12. Hey! You are just a few days behind me. I tried a few moisturizers and my favorite so far has been Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré. It's really good! I actually purchased it a while ago when I still had oily skin and I didn't understand why it had such a cult following... But now that I'm super dry, I've seen the light. Seriously, It's so good. And I'm not getting paid to talk about it haha. Also -- same situation with the blackheads, mine are slowly rising to the surface around my nose. Patien
  13. If anything, ingesting junk food will just makes things harder on your liver.
  14. Day 25 Update (technically Day 30 but I went out of town and missed days) approved for a second month of 30mg a day / liver enzymes were slightly elevated soo no drinks for me skin is more fragile than last week not really flakey anymore, just dry overall I have a few actives on my face right now (mostly the result of picking at blackheads, DON'T DO IT!) no longer waking up with new breakouts I highly suggest trying out Embryolisse (find it on Amazon). It's the first moisturizer I've tried tha
  15. Day 20 update: my skin is never oily, and it's awesome! I was at a bar last night and it was such an incredible feeling to see my reflection in the bathroom mirror and have zero desire to use an oil absorbing wipe. Current conditions: no cystic acne still flakey on chin area and near hairline, but it's not too bad, skin sometimes feels tight using a BB cream to cover non flakey areas, helps tone down the redness and old scars/pigmentation hair stylist suggested to use a minty shampoo/conditi