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  1. I don't see the black head either where are they?
  2. pinching is never a good idea but I have to say sometimes you can't resist. Blackheads are contrable like others have said
  3. yeah I think it maybe a shaving thing I have heard of that before...or maybe to much partying
  4. that is interesting I wonder if it has to do with the sweating. Maybe the sweating actually cleans out your pores of all the bad junk and if you wash right afterwards you get rid of a greater amount of pore cloggers then when you just wash and don't work out. Anyone else had results like this?
  5. I don't think I could cut out grains I love them!!! But if it helps well maybe I should consider it
  6. why not give it a try and see what happens. I could see maybe ice could shrink pores because doesn't cold cause things to shrink. Would this apply to skin tissue too?
  7. Looks kinda cool would like to hear any opinions on it
  8. My mom has acne issues and still does even at 50+
  9. yeah it is tough my nose will always have blackheads I think
  10. so why do we freak out about blackheads then? Are they really that bad?
  11. do a google search I am sure there are some hairloss forums out there to help you out...good luck
  12. We all complain about blackheads but I can't remember a time when I looked at someone and said 'wow that person sure has a ton of blackheads' --- I will say that regularly about acne...to myself too. But can't remember ever doing it for blackheads... Anyone else feel that blackheads are just a personal thing we deal with and no one else really notices?
  13. how do you get blackheads behind your nose??? ;)
  14. here are some fun haloween makeup tips: http://www.makeupsense.com/makeup/halloween/ Have fun!