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  1. yea i remember i burned myself like 3 times with Apple cider vinegar before and it left a big redmark that adventually turned into a scab in like a week that i could just peel off.. but this time ive burned myself and it been a week and the redmark has not turned into a scab.. it looks more like a big ass blemish..i mean i just dont see how this is possible because my pimple was not even this big in the first place..and left me with a big ass red spot on my face..so how much longer do you think
  2. is there any way i can watch it online or sumthin.. cuz i tooned it kinda late =(
  3. i dont understand.. and its very fusturating literally every pimple i get turns into a red mark..because when you can see the pimple you can see a blothcy/red spot around it already. and when the pimple finally dies down im automatically stuck with a damn redmarks.. and i dont tuch or squeeze them at all i let them be..and how the Hell em i even getting Acne first of all WTF... so any explantions would be helpfull thank you..
  4. yea its a bummer tho.... just bothering me cuz all the girls at my highschool be saying if only you were a bit taller i would so hook up with you.. they like me and all but just find me cute.. like a lil Doll or teddy bear .. but i bet im gana grow by the time im out of highschool wich is gana suck..
  5. but it makes no sense i have a freind whos parents are 5'3 mom.. dad 5'4.. and hes 5'8 at the age of 16.. so im just thinkin what the hell.. i thought he would be a short ass but dats not the case..
  6. ok i was dealing with acne for about 6 years.. now i just turned 16 like a week ago..but im still feeling very insecure. i thought i would be happy and have no worries..but dats not the case. im 16 and only with a height of 5'4...(Male) dat is very short the average height for a 16 year old teen is 5'7...=( ive never had a growth spurt..and dont think i will..My parents are 5'2 and 5'9..so wut do yall think the final outcome of my height may be?
  7. ok so i read about the Head and shoulders method on her.. and thought i would try it so i bought some.. classic clean and used it for a week and saw gooood Results... so the next week a start getting a tad bit itchy.. then one day my mom looks at my neck and says why is youre neck look irritated and all dark.. i havent noticed it well then she says come her and checks it out then pulls my shirt down a little and says WTF YOU LOOKD LIKE A GOD DAMN SNAKE i was like what are you talking about.. so
  8. yes i have tiny tiny little bumps all over my chest and can only be seen off the reflection of the light.. they are really bothering me and was wondering what it is and how can i make them go away thanks =)
  9. yes i had this not so big pimple that i dident think was ready to be poped yet but i poped it any ways i really squeezed the sh** out of it to make it pop.. and while i was doing it it started to hurt well like 2 days later i finally squeezed hard enough and it poped but then i noticed how a very big spot on my face it was red.. i figured it would go away with in 4 days but wtf its still there and the pimple was not even that damn big so y do i have all this red on my face like a big azz redmar
  10. ok yes i just poped a pimple and squeezed the sh** out of it.. and it left a really really big redmarks and it burns alot.. it been there for 2days now.. but is this gana stay there for a long time because i mean its really big...and when i put vinger and stuff on it it burns like hell
  11. damn 1-3 times a day lol.. i only do it about 3 times the whole week
  12. How Do you meet New People and Start Hanging Out and stuff like lets say you have no freinds right now and all alone what would you do and wear would you go? because im always in my damn house watching Tv Or on the computer and dont know how to go about meeting new people and asking them lets hang out some time..