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  1. Kaa


    For me its about 4 days before the swelling on the face is reduced to a point where I cant really notice it unless I touch that area. do u mean 4 days till u noticed a differenc or 4 days till the swelling went down?? also how deep was your scarring?? 4 days til the swelling went down. Most of my scars are very shallow except for maybe 3 boxcar.
  2. Kaa


    For me its about 4 days before the swelling on the face is reduced to a point where I cant really notice it unless I touch that area.
  3. Kaa


    No, its because of the stuff they inject under your skin to puff up the face, but I've seen photos of some subcision that saids "1 day after" and there is minimal swelling, so maybe it also depends on how your doc performs the procedure?
  4. Kaa


    I would have to say subcision doesn't hurt at all lol I couldn't feel anything after the anesthetic injection and even that is nothing compared to say a flu shot.
  5. Kaa


    Ahh, good to know! I'll keep my finger crossed for now then, thanks!
  6. Kaa


    I had subcision done about a week ago, how long would it take for the final result to show up? I've noticed a lot of my indented scars coming back after the swelling is gone, but i still notice some improvements on my scars, but I've read from some thread here that the collegen wont fill the indented scars back up until a few months after, does that mean I won't see the improvment until then?
  7. Kaa

    fraxel laser

    ahh I see, thanks for the info! Is it risky for me to have a Fraxel treatment with my vitiligo?
  8. Kaa

    fraxel laser

    Hey all~ ehh I am considering Fraxel laser for some pretty deep scars on my cheeks after excision and subscision, but I have a patch of vitiligo on the back of my neck that's been there since I was a kid (10 yrs?) and I was wondering how ablasive is Fraxel compared to say Erbium and would it be risky for me to undergo Fraxel treatment on my cheeks for the scars? Thanks in advance !
  9. I apologize beforehand if I sound stupid for asking this question but I just want to clear things up... Applying ACV to get rid of red marks, the effect is permanent right? I mean of course you will get red marks if you have another breakout but if you dont your previous red marks on your face will be gone for good right?
  10. Hi, I have some depressed scars on my left cheek thats been really bothering me, and one of them is quite big, I also have some pigmentation thats improved a lot over time already, but my main concern is about my depressed scars. I noticed that the scars appear to be less deep when I wake up in the morning than at night, does anyone know why that is so?
  11. Hey guys, I am looking for a doctor in Toronto that would do subincision, punch graft and excision treatment for acne scars and I found this website: http://www.dermetics.ca/ the doctor, is Channy Muhn. Has anyone heard anything about Dr. Muhn if he has a good reputation or otherwise? I did some searches on his name but all I found is that he gave a few speeches and he is an assistant professor of medicine at McMaster University. Thanks in advance if there is any info anyone has on him