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  1. You are so brave! That is always tough to do, but you'll feel lots more comfortable around your friends now, a little less like you're "hiding" something. As far as having a boy over goes, it's true that he shouldn't care what you look like. Even when I was dating a guy who didn't care at all what I looked like, sometime I would wait until he went to bed to wash my face if I had a really bad spot. That way you can shut off the lights before you slide into bed Good luck with your new boy!!!
  2. I don't think using a toner would be a problem (you are using next to no products as it is) and will probably give you the "fresh" look you're looking for.
  3. Argh I have the exact same problem. I wake up to dry, peely skin and come home with a face so shiny a person could see their reflection. I only use two things from my proactiv "kit" and those are that wonderful little refining mask AND the oil reducer that they have. You get it with the oily skin type package (but you can order it by itself). I put it on the morning and it really tones down the oilyness i have all day (not perfect, but much improved!). This is really the only thing that works
  4. Leave it light! The color suits your skin tone really well.
  5. Try acetone (if you can get it). You might just have to paint your nails a dark color. I'm sure it would work on you though
  6. Being happy with myself as a person... and on the non-sappy side, maybe finding a nice boyfriend
  7. I don't think I understand. You don't get any importance? What?
  8. Differin doesn't do a darn thing for me! I prefer Retin-A, but I have pretty oily skin. What type of skin do you have?
  9. Okay I'll say it: I lost A LOT of hair on accutane (took it twice) and it never came back. But my acne did. Life's a bitch.
  10. Flawless_Wishes, I feel your pain here ( Why do people insist on taking time out of their day to make others miserable. I'll kick that bitches ass any day of the week for you.
  11. You guys are all so skinny! Be thankful for your high metabolisms!
  12. I feel like this girl deserves someone who isn't shallow, loves her for who she is on the inside, and doesn't even notice what she looks like. Long story short You: Shallow She: Deserves better
  13. When they're drying out and starting to heal, you betcha.
  14. That is so strange! Are you sure it actually acne? Perhaps it was just a little irritation from a new soap.
  15. Why is that as soon as someone gets a pimple they are just automatically unattractive? I don't feel this way, but why is that clear skinned people do? I'm sure you guys can relate to this... So my skin has been clearning and breaking out, clearing and breaking out for the last couple of months now. Sometimes when its clear I'll go out and party a little, meet guys, and have great conversations, really get to know them as people. A week later I'll go out with say, 5 zits (which doesn't even phas