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  1. It stopped working because Dan's regimen on its own is doing nothing but covering the problem. It's a great program but its not the answer for a cure.
  2. Your statement about magnesium is incorrect, and is potentially dangerous advice. Excessive magnesium intake can cause intestinal distress(gas, cramping, diarhea, etc.). It can also cause slowing of the heartbeat, lightheadedness, and fainting. You see, Miracleman, this is where there is a problem. Many people on this board are selective readers. They will take snippets of the information you've posted to extremes. I read it all of the time, whether its B5 consumption or zinc intake. Naturopathi
  3. What the hell is wrong with your parents? Your parents need to be more supporive on this. No wonder you're getting depression symptoms. I mean if you don't get support from your mom and dad, where are you going to get it from? Give me your phone number so I can chew them out.
  4. I thought acne was caused by an over-acidic and toxic body? Salt is neither acid or base. Magnesium is neither acid or base. How does this help with acne?
  5. Miracleman, why is it for so many people that acne is caused by puberty? I mean hormones and puberty are connected, but you say that hormones are not connected to acne. For most people, acne goes away after puberty, but for many people it does not. For most people, acne medications do work, but for many people they do not. People are different, and therefore different medications help different people in some cases. I rarely see older people with acne... It generally concentrates around the youn