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  1. My acne is genetic too. My Dad had it. He had a mild form. He at 83 yrs old can still get a zit once and awhile. My Mom who NEVER EVER had a zit as a young person (who only splashed water on her face to wash it and never exfoliated etc) at 82 years old, now my Mother who does not have Acne Genes will now get a zit!!!! Do you want to know why all of a sudden in her later years she will get a zit? It only happens ..... when she slathers on some cream (Oil of Olay for example ). People a
  2. some OLD pictures, NOT updated
  3. From the album: WATER ONLY progress

    6 YEARS LATER~! I'm chubbier (frumpier) but definitely not bumpier ! Yes, I'm forty but remember the earlier pictures where taken in my mid 30s. WATER ONLY DOES WORK but you have to be patient.
  4. HELLO ALL ! It has been 6 years , since starting this regimen .....and I'm still using WATER ONLY! I wonder how JanCarlo is doing? I bet he never looked back too! How i wish I could impress on you to stay away from all those creams and soaps . I am convinced that over time that made my acne worse. I don't think I would have half the scars I do today if I had avoided the products and I'd have more money in the bank. Anyway, If you go to my gallery and look at my photos from 2006 you will s
  5. Frumpy&Bumpy

    Inexpensive Doesn't dye your hair , pillow cases, shirts Doesn't irritate your skin Simple & (in time) effective Requires patience (especially if you've used a lot of products for a long time , like me) IT WORKS .... I've used this method since 2006 and I still do get an occasional zit it works because it doesn't irritate the skin.
  6. UPDATE: That was 2006 and it is now 6 yrs later , 2012. I am now forty years old and I get an occasional zit or two but NOTHING like what you see here. I am still conviced that if I hadn't used Sal. Acid and BP that my acne would've never gotten this bad. Now I do have scars but I can live with them. My regimen now is to just let the water in the shower rinse over my face (nothing more). If I feel like I need to exfoliate, I might use a wash cloth (about once a month). NO SOAP, no MO
  7. You may need to dump the shampoo, since most of your acne is around your hairline. Try this instead of shampoo . It really helped me. Mix 1 Tsp of Baking Soda in 2 cups of Warm Water. Pour it (or use a squirt bottle like I do) onto your hair roots. Massage in for 20 seconds. Rinse well. Mix 1 Tbsp Apple CIder Vinegar in 2 Cups warm water. Pour over hair. Massage scalp for same amount of time. Rinse well. Since I've used this, my acne around my hairline has really subsided. I n
  8. From the album: WATER ONLY progress

    1st Photo. This is photo was taken a little less than 7 monts ago. About a month after I stopped using BP and soap when my face was like WHUT?!? My skin just didn't know how to operate on its own, it was so used to soap and BP. My face here is hands down the worst it had ever been in my entire life . In fact it is maybe ten times the worst than it's ever been. To me this photo proves that BP is bad for the skin . When I was a teen and twenty something my face broke out but it was very mild. Now
  9. From the album: WATER ONLY progress

    2nd Photo. This photo was taken about 4 months ago. Recovering from initial purge. Still breaking out but fewer than when I first got off BP and stopped using soap. Most of what you see are red marks.
  10. From the album: WATER ONLY progress

    3RD photo. This photo was taken approximately 2 months ago. Still some bumps but less. Red marks are fadely too slowly.
  11. DAY 224 WATER ONLY. no soap, no bp, no topicals WATER ONLY for 224 DAYS. hot water dip 137 days (skipping days more and more) No Poo shampoo method 97 days I had been using Sulfur soap on my scalp for a scalp infection I have suffered with for years and noticed my back and some parts of my face starting breaking out (I haven't backne for a long time).... confirming that soap definitely makes me break out. So I stopped using the Sulfur soap on my scalp and went back to NO POO for my hair.
  12. Sorry if my reply came off defensive. Didn't mean for it to be. I didn't think you were accusing me of anything. I am just saying that, YES this is legit. You can read more about it in a book called HEALTHY COLON HANDBOOK. I read it years ago and forget the authors name. I don't think you want to let this REJUVELAC ferment too long, at some point it would begin to rot. Grains would of course become alcohol. Yogurt doesn't have to sit long to acquire cultures helpful for digestion,
  13. DAY 205 WATER ONLY No soap, no cleansers, NO BP NO topicals WATER ONLY for 205 days. Hot dip for 120 days. NO POO hair care method for 79 days. 5 zits this week. Only two currently a bit inflamed. These are hormonal because it's close to that time of the month. Still lots of those ugly red splotches. IT TAKES SOOO LONG FOR THEM TO FADE , ,UGH! Here's where the zits are: Except in that place right above and between the eyebrows, my forehead is perfect. Right temple is perfect.
  14. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. Where do you think Probiotics come from? Not in the chem lab. Homemade Saurkraut (made with NON chlorinated water) like kim chee and other homemade pickled vegetables provides good live probiotics. If fact, I think all live foods give you some helpful digestive bacteria. You probably can't trust the saurkraut you purchase in the grocery store though. REJUVELAC is not saurkraut, it is a drink you make yourself. REJUVELAC is the leftover liquid strained from finely shredde
  15. Here is the recipe I am using right now. 3 cups of finely shredded cabbage (you can do this on a mandolin/ shredder / or blender) 2 cups of DISTILLED water (very important because the chlorine in tap water kills the cultures) Put this in a GLASS container, cover with a paper towel or cheese cloth. Let it set 2-3 days. Strain the liquid off and drink 1/2 cup with meals. Fresh Live Probiotics! Reserve 1/4 cup of the liquid and add to your next batch. Same recipe, plus the above and you onl
  16. Yes, saurkraut is sooo good to eat, but you have to use plain salt, not the iodized salt 'cause iodine exaccerbates acne. ANd of course if you use tap water, the chlorinewill kill the good bugs and defeat the purpose. Store bought saurkraut doesn't have these live cultures too. ALso, if you live with your 76 yr old father who has 5 heart bypasses and a pacemaker difribulator and high blood pressure you want to avoid SALT. ANyone, use or make REJUVELAC!!!?!!!
  17. Any of you suffer with greasy hair and stinky scalp? I've suffered with this for years. For the past 2 months I have stopped using shampoo (even sls free shampoo) and used the NO POO method. NO POO : 1 teaspoon of baking soda in 1 cup of warm water. Apply with squirt bottle to hair roots, massage gently for a few seconds. RINSE WELL. 1-2 Tablespoons of Apple cider Vinegar in 2 cups of warm water. Apply to hair. Massage gently for a few seconds. RINSE WELL. NO POO has been much better to
  18. Since the probiotics in pill form die off white still in the pill bottle and you don't get what you pay for.... HAS ANYONE TRIED REJUVELAC (fermented cabbage juice made from shredded cabbage and distilled water)? It's the way to make probiotics at home and it's inexpensive. I am going to try it and I want some advice.
  19. I know this may not sound genuine to you, but right now your acne is not bad . Just keep using products and soap / cleansers and you'll notice your face will progressively get worse. Did you have the big ones before using bp? If not, then stop using BP right away. Picking also makes the cysts worse. I'd suggest stop using soap, use water only (it will feel gross at first because your not used to it , but eventually your face will feel great , not dry or oily). I'd also suggest getting
  20. I'm not saying Proactive destroyed my skin but it didn't help at all. It was such a waist of money. I used Benzoyl Peroxide gels for 10 yrs. The first few years I had clear skin (a little dry sometimes) but no acne. THen, progressively my facec got worse and worse until no BP worked. Now, at 35 I have not grown out of it. I think soap and BP and SA made my acne worse. For the past 6 months I have used no soap or cleansers. Water only and my face broke out way worse at first , but is getting b
  21. 189 Days WATER ONLY. no soap, no cleansers, no BP. WATER ONLY for 189 days. This is Day 102 for doing the hot water dip, skipping some days though. No shampoo for 60 days (NO POO method). Diet was up and down this week AS USUAL. I always eat lots of veggies and drink water but also splurge on candy and white floured foods and chips and chocolate on a regular basis. I have not found any link between any particular food and acne. Not saying there is none, it's just that when I eat all
  22. DAY 179 (that's one day short of 6 months) WATER ONLY , no soaps, no BP, no topicals. WATER ONLY for 179 days. Hot water dip for 92 days, skipping some days though. No shampoo for 51 days (using the NO POO method). My diet was NOT great over Christmas. I ate a lot of jolly ranchers, peach gummy rings, some chocolate, one packet of ramen, some candied peanuts, applesauce cake and even ham. Other than that.... Drank mostly water and ate plenty of veggies, some walnuts and lean turkey and so
  23. That idea about not stressing over your face is interesting. I notice the less I think about my face and the less I do to my face the better it looks. You say you stopped using your BP. How long did you go without it before you noticed your face improving? Do you use anything at all on your face at all, like soap or moisterizer or shave gel etc ? Perhaps just plain water is all we need, no soaps or anything else that might irritate our faces?
  24. DAY 163 WATER ONLY. no soap, no cleansers, no products , no BP etc. WATER ONLY. Day 78 Hot water dip (skipped some days though). 35 days going without shampoo ( NO POO method ). This past week I ate well, mostly fruits and veggies, whole grains, beans, soy, tried to cut down on chicken and fish and eggs because I am beginning to think the hormones in them cause me to break out (like PMS) but not sure. Drank plenty of water, some unsweetened green tea. Worked out most days . Still breaking
  25. Dumbest Advice: Just keep buying products, BP, SA, cleansers, pads, soaps and be sure to slather them generously on your face , all over at least twice daily . They'll kick in eventually, ,even though you've had acne for 25 years. Ignore the fact that some of them will BLEACH your hair, your shirts, your pillowcases and your shower curtain... they're safe and they're not harming your skin. Just keep believing and buying.