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  1. Having struggled with acne, seborrhea and something similar to eczema or psoriasis for 15 years, I have tried hundreds of different products and treatment methods. I was a bit surprised that the most effective regimen by far would be natural. As I am scientifically trained and educated I was skeptical about natural treatments, but upon closer look at the scientific literature I saw that the products I used were indeed scientifically proven to work. So here is the regimen I developed. Work
  2. Been using propolis cream from medibee for about a week. It's the most amazing skin care product I've tried so far - and I've tried a lot. Helped a lot with my facial seborrhea and acne, and in such short time. However I did use a homemade toner (oregano, thyme, rosemary) along with it, so I'm not sure how much that helped. I'll discontinue toner and report back.
  3. Well I think one could try those natural products but I think caution should be advised as they are not clinically pure products and you never know what kind of natural chemicals are in that. I'd recommend at least to read a little at www.beutypedia.com on Acne treatment. Combining BP and salicylic acid works really well in my opinion, but it needs to be in non-drying, non-irritating formulations.
  4. See my above post, it's especially good for that.
  5. Battled with acne since I was 13 and I am 28 soon. After all these years I have finally found the solution that should work for everyone. The answer is acids and BP, no alcohol, avoiding irritation and maintaining good skin hydration. Also for my face, which is pretty oily, cutting out all fatty creams in favor of gels was very important also. Clay masks 1-2 times per week is good too. Avoid all scrubs. There are many products that work but you need a cleanser with an acid or tea tree oil(gl
  6. Yes, they are blackheads (open comedones). Don't worry, there is hope. My problem is as bad as yours but there are some good treatments out there. I have tried almost everything including tretinoin. Here's what worked best for me: Cleansing mornings with a glycolic acid cleanser, wiping off gently with a soft towel. Then add few drops of Dr.Hauschka Normalising Day Oil. Finish off with Paula's Choice 2% BHA lotion (though i think the liquid or gel would work just as well). Before going to
  7. Carrots contain beta-carotene which is not the same thing. Animal fats are a good source of vitamin A.
  8. Antimicrobial Property of Lauric Acid Against Propionibacterium Acnes: Its Therapeutic Potential for Inflammatory Acne Vulgaris. J Invest Dermatol. 2009 Apr 23. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19387482
  9. Hello I'm 25 y old and I've had acne since I was a teenager. Been following this dietary regimen for 2 months and cured myself. The theory is that if I eat nutrient-dense foods similar to what our acne-free ancestors ate it will improve our condition. I believe acne has a lot to do with lack of magnesium, zinc and other minerals, a deficiency brought on by depleted soils and over-consumption of refined foods. Basically I force myself to buy these things every week on monday: 24 eggs 500 g nuts
  10. If nothing is happening it could be because it needs longer time but also it could be because gunk is being filled up in your pores faster than it can be removed. If your skin is oily i would look into cleansing your face with a good salicylic acid cleanser once or twice a day.
  11. Picking or no picking your pores will get enlarged by blackheads. Something needs to be done about them.
  12. My skin can take it. But will it give me faster results? Does anyone know?
  13. It's quite possibly the bulking that is causing all this. Bulking together with exercise puts your body in an anabolic state --> more hormones, which may be adding to your problem. Or if you're taking supplements (esp. protein, carbohydrate shakes) it may have to do with that too.
  14. If your problems are due to dryness you need to moisturize. Side effects are much lessened with proper moisturization.