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  1. Önska jag kunde säga att ärret är unikt på ett eller annat sätt men det är inte så det funkar jag har försökt otroligt många gånger. Jag ska kolla in Dr. Chu tack hur som helst.
  2. Not healing but remodeling, my English's bad couldn't find the word for it. Exactly, I asked a person that works in host and she recommended me laser. The progress is working, but it's slow and slight improvements though. Vet inte varken du använde översätt eller inte men tackar som fan
  3. I live in Sweden. I been searching on the net for days and couldn't find a single doctor doing subcision. My patience is very low but eh, derma-stamp perhap's worth a try. Yeh I need the scar to be lifted but my dad tells me that laser destroys the scar or w.e underneath and within time (Up to 14 days) it heals and while healing it creates new skin cells. They recommended a minimal of 5 treatment, paying 25$ each. Should I continue? The scar itself has gotten abit smoother and better after th
  4. Yeh I agree with subcision but not sure if my dad even going to let me travel all around the world just for this.. Eitherway, I wish I could control my mind. Thank you though. Yeh was told the same earlier ^^
  5. I cannot begin a subcision as there are no derms where I live doing this procedure, not sure about TCA cross though. I'm thinking that saline or filler might help, thanks however..
  6. So about 2 years ago I got this box scar on my cheek and ever since my self esteem has been low asf. I can literally not look into the mirror without focussing on this shit and that's not the only thing though, I went for Laser treatment but I really don't feel it is doing much tbh and what's so sad is that my dad spent the money for nothing so feeling guilty as hell. This has led to depressions, pushing away people that I mostly care about etc. I was suggested subcision earlier but no derm do
  7. Really enjoyed reading your thread, keep it up! Just a question, I have dry skin at some places on my face and my dad bought me a product called ''Loco base'', it contains very much fat so i'm wondering, is too much fat good or bad? Should I use it every now and then?
  8. Last year, where I was 15 (now 16) I start to care more about my skin and my look. One day I woke up and I had this scar on my cheek, I have no clue. It as gone almost 1 year since it happend. This is how it looked when It first came; Now it looks like this; The scar itself has been pushed up abit but I am still getting depressions all the time, I am now in 3 days visitting a doctor so I would love to hear your advices, been suggested subcision earlier but if my dad can affort I will go for i
  9. I'm on your age, I don't have acne, but I do have scars especially at my temples that bothers me as much as your acne bothers you. Since these past few years i've most likely never been happy with my life either and done the same shit as you. Everytime I see myself in the mirror at some points, my anger lifts and I literally want to punch the mirror, not even the mirror, even the wall etc.. Besides, love isn't found in the way you look.
  10. These type of minor redness and scars occured after I overextended with BP and used too much facial toner... Will they reduce or fade by time? Look at my temples. (In the white area) My camera didn't want to pick up most of the damage so it obviously look worse IRL. Please help me..
  11. I pretty much don't use anything anymore nowadays because all these products will just worsen my skin atm. But, I tend to use a facial wash, toner and then moisturizer. I overextended with my toner and that caused so many blemishes on my face looking on as a scar, so I decided to use it every 3-4 days and I sticked only to facial wash thing daily. When my acne started to fade away I stopped using products overall. You can do the same as me, but don't overextend, when you see improvement don't
  12. Ok so eh, I may not be able to give you advices on how you should be improving your skin but I can tell you how hard it feels. When I was 13, I started with mild acne and about 1-2 years further I had already developed cystic acne, most of them was on my cheek. Everyday I hated myself, I kept complaining to my dad to get help from someone because the amount of hate I had put into myself was just incredible. I bought products, products that wouldn't even make a difference over my skin, some m