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  1. No, Im considering buying from there too. Im just way too broke right now, so I need to order from somewhere reliable.
  2. hey, weren't you talking about doing low dose treatment? Did you ever end up doing it?
  3. This is a link to an archive of derms' postings relating to various subjects: http://dermatology.cdlib.org/rxderm-archives/
  4. My sister has clear skin, but she fights her weight so we both have our own things to be insecure about. We try to be supportive with eachother. It's hard when you don't know exactly what the other person is going through, but I think the two of us have a pretty good idea. One interesting thing she said was how she would totally trade being overweight for having acne.
  5. The only shrink I went to who was helpful had a master in social work and wasn't there to try to label me with a disease or disorder. She was just someone to talk to about things that I couldn't bring up with friends. She talked to me and gave me advice, unlike any of the other ones i went to (3), and seemed to actually care about how I was doing. I think there's a lot of psychs out there that don't give a crap about you and totally zone out when you're talking, and then don't have anything to s
  6. b5 may also be a good alternative to prescription remedies. B5 combined with a good diet cleared me up good for 2 years straight.
  7. I just started taking wellbutrin while on accutane, so I hope there's nothing wrong with taking both! I don't think that it's too big a deal. My doc knew I had been on well butrin up until I began the accutane and he didn't act like it was big deal (he's a bit of an ass though, so Im not sure if his reaction is a good indicator).
  8. I feel fatigued right now, and also feel irritable, and I'm in my third month. I was going to try and treat the fatigue with lots of coffee, but that didn't work. I'm back on anti-depressants for the time being.
  9. I'd make the switch to tetra. They work the same, so why not.
  10. Dude, cortisone shots are quick and easy. I've had a bunch and havent experienced any atrophy. Stop stressing yourself out and go get that cyst zapped!
  11. It worked for me for about 5 months and then it stopped and I was switched to minocycline. I didn't get an initial breakout.
  12. Or, don't work and get on medicaid. I'm on medicaid now, and it's paying for everything- blood tests, visits, scripts, etc. I'm a student now, but when I start to work fulltime I'll (hopefully) be making too much to be eligible for medicaid.
  13. The big tub is probably the cheapest, but if you don't wanna mess with t, use Vitamin Shoppe Brand. It's cheapest of capsules and as effective as the rest.