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  1. This method is good, and though I'm not clear, I feel like we're on the right track. However, my only problem is that I get super dry skin that's flaky when use just water and not wash every day. I don't want to use moisturizer. And essential oils dont' work well for the oiliness. What did you do alex?
  2. I myself am a BP user, but no doubt, BP has messed up my skin. I am only 20, but skin looks old and nasty. But the thing is whenever I don't use BP, I break out. Right now I only have a couple of pimples, but if I don't use BP, I don't know what to use. I've tried EVERYTHING... So for those people who have quit BP because of adverse effects, what cleared you up??? I currently use am: Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser Eucerin q10 spf 15 pm Neutrogena extra gentle cleanser spot treat with Dan'
  3. I was looking at the ingredients for the neutrogena on-the-spot and it has citric acid as one of the ingredients. Citric acid is a well known AHA...
  4. It seems like most BP users are forced to continue to use BP forever. Has anyone got clear from BP and stopped using it? Is BP just a clever drug that drug companies created to force Acne users to depend on its effects? I'm curious, because a lot of times, I don't feel right using it on my skin, but it works, to a certain extent, and when I stop it, the acne gets worse. Very strange...
  5. has anyone tried this with neutrogena extra gentle cleanser?
  6. I used the bioglycolic cleanser with glycolic acid for awhile and when i stopped using it, and I got sagging skin with wrinkles. Horrible! AHA are so bad for you. Once you stop them, they'll screw up your skin.
  7. I have just started the Perricone treatment that xgamerx has been talking about, just today. But I look forward to the results. I'm washing my face with Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser and gonna use this cream here...(it looks pretty damn good, with ALA, DMAE, and Vitamin c-ester) What do you think xgamerx? I don't think the toner is absolutely necessary, so Imma start with just the cream. http://www.mcjeff.com/cooksandjohnson/alphacream.htm by the way, I've tried everything too. My ac
  8. I did the regimen awhile back and it got me decently clear everytime I stuck with it for about four weeks. But the thing I absolutely hated was having to spend 20 minutes doing it in the morning and then keeping the BP on your face for the whole day. I've never really experimented with this, but do anyone of you do a maintenance regimen of only once day and only using soap and moisturzing during the day?? How were your results? Is there anyone who got clear from the regimen? do you guys s
  9. I'm curious about the long term effects of using a salicylic acid %2 treatment over a long period of time. Recent studies show that AHA used for a long period of time can ruin your skin. I can attest to that, because that's exactly what months of using a Jan Marinin Glycolic Wash day and night did to mine. My face sags more than any person my age should (i'm 20). I want to start botchla's regimen, but I'm afraid that exfoliating my face with the blackhead clearing scrub which has both physic
  10. I've been on 10grams of b5 for about 6 weeks, and I started breaking out again for some weird reason. Maybe it was something I ate or maybe it was the aloe vera gel fruit of the earth 100% i used. This is my current regimen: Wash twice a day with Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser Take 20 pills of 500mg Vitamin shoppe b5, one 50mg zinc, one bcomplex, and one multivitamin. Moisturize in the daytime with Eucerin q10 spf 15 moisturizer. Because of my strange breakouts, especially on my forehe
  11. I want to use Blackhead clearing scrub 2% with my b5 regimen. But i'm afraid of the aging aspect of using BHAs in the longrun and then stopping it. I used AHAs, and then when I stopped using them, my skin looked more aged. Damn AHAs! Should I go for the C &C Blackhead Clearing Scrub?
  12. use 100% aloe vera gel, (fruit of the earth). I use it for my short spiky hair and it works great. I like the consistency better than regular hairgel.
  13. I'm currently using the Purpose bar and a moisturizer with my B5 regimen, but I want a bar that's gentler. Basis sounds pretty good, but it doesn't say anywhere if it's oil-free, non-comedogenic, etc. so I'm scared to try it. Dan recommends it, but how's the general consensus with the Basis bar users? Can someone who has used this bar tell me their opinoin on the bar?