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  1. i don't use the aha anymore.. my dermo said that iam allergic to it i use the bp in the am and the retin-a at night i use the same moisturizer day and night plus ssunscreen in daytime which iam not sure what is giving me thatburning feeling...
  2. hi... well my skin is doinga lot better but iam having a problem with moisturizers. iam currently on retin-a the generic one and bp gel 5% in the morning i use-- dove for sensitive skin bp gel 5% wait 10 min then use oilf ree neutrogena for sensitive skin moisturizer along with sunscreen here is the problem--i get that burning sensation with this moisturizer but iam not sure though i have been getting issues with neutrogena. first it was the healthy skin with aha that really didn't agree with
  3. hi.. i went to the dermatologist and there was some improvemnt on my skin but he had prescribed retin-a cream for at night and he said for me to use bp in the morning.. this iswhat iuse currently--- at night.. a soap from derma called wash it~~~~ bp ( which now i need to use retin-a) wait 30 minutes after washing of my face b4 i apply the retin-a then wait like 15 min neutrogena healthy skin face lotion night with aha day>>>i want to use dove the sensitive skin unscented frag -free w
  4. you use the neutrogena moisturizer one.. the healhty skin onewith spf 15 and aha?? i use that one right now it is strong but i like it it is just it has the tingling feeling for like 15 min but i was wondering on the regimen, i wonder if i can use the the healthy skin night cream and the other one during th day?? my bp is 5% and i only use it at night according to dr's instructions any suggestions..
  5. i use the same one except not the night one i use the other one 2x a day and wass wondering the samething is it ok to use 2 times a day??? i use bp gel5% at night and this moisturizer too any suggestions???
  6. hi everyone.. ok heres the thing this is what i do with this soap according to what the dermatologist wants me to do. he gave me this soap by dermalab it is called skin by dermalab super fatted bar frag-free hypo-allergenic lanolin-free. he said that he wanted me to use this soap once a day with the 5% benzaderm gel at night and then i use that neutrogena healthy skin lotion spf 15 with aha at night and during the day. the thing is... that it tends to dry my skin if i use it 2x aday. so in th
  7. i didnt get any makeup after all that i could not decide what to buy which is nothing unusal now mum wants me to try clinique again..which i doubt will cove rand it will probs break me out.