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  1. my lips are dead... but my sholders are looking better =D
  2. i was on it for 14 weeks i had no oil and clear skin =\
  4. on day 5 40mg once a day i basically try and take it around 5 oclock - 2 am ;x so far no side effects no break outs (lets keep it that way =D) the first day i had a headake when i woke up but thats it
  5. thank u and it is me lol see ;x and me4 i died my hair i miss my old hair tho =( lol the roots grew out so it looks really cool now
  6. ill make sure that i dont change into a light bulb shitttt ;x o and btw headakes went away havent had them since so far everything is lookign good
  7. well so i went to the doc and he said i need it for my back so i got no prob with that hes starting me off with 40mg i took my first pill yesterday and let me tell u its a bitch getting it out of the box lol anyway on the box it warned me not get pregnet about 300 times (for real) and all this time when i was reading it i was thinking thank god i dont have a vagina lol anyway i woke up today and looked in the mirror and my pours look alot smaller is this happing already or is it in my hea
  8. yes i do i i believe i brought the idea to this site of it it helps alot bathe away
  9. what is better in the end a longer period of time on tane with a lower doceage or a higher doceage on a shorter time what has better end results / longer results pros and cons of each -thanks in advance
  10. there are other froms of oral then just sucking penis idiot, ever eat a girl out?
  11. i use it on my face and it works face is clear
  12. i took mino for a year and a half and it really really controled my face ance since ive been off it about 2 years now. i never get as bad break out as i did before i went on mino it helped in the long run i dont know how but it did lol
  13. paul_


    i actually remember someone saying something about duct tape working on the these boards i just dont want 2 look like a idiot with duct take all over my hand u know lol i might try it http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...80&hl=duct+tape
  14. paul_


    ok heres the deal i have these two warts on the side of my right thumb (they are .6cm wide) i cant seem to get rid of them. i used to go to the drem he used to freaze them with co2 but each time they came back. anyone know a way of getting rid of them? thanks in advance -paul