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  1. why did you stop taking it??and how do you keep your symptoms a bay now? Ugh... I wish I didn't have to but I want to have a baby in like a year (maybe) and wanted it out of my system for at least one year before getting pregnant. I highly recommend low dose! I use retin-a now which I do like a lot but it is not nearly as good as the accutane.
  2. Do not stop! I have been on retin a for one year now after going off low dose accutane. It took 7-8 months for the peeling/redness to go down and for my skin to actually start looking better. Retin-A takes a long time to work and you have to give it a chance. Many people give up after six months but if they just kept going they would like the results. I am still oily, which I hate, but my clogged pores are gone and for the most part I am not breaking out much at all. It is also great for aging
  3. I was on a low dose course - self prescribed - for three years. 10 mg per week. It worked perfectly
  4. I did a low dose accutane regimen (10mg per week) for 3 years. It completely took care of my very oily skin. I loved it- went off it because I may want to have a baby somewhat soon and it did make my preexisting dry eye condition worse. I miss it. Also dermatolgists often have never heard of low dose for long term- bring some clinical research studies with you
  5. How is it going with the tea? I just ordered a bunch of spearmint tea and capsules from Amazon. You can order 6 boxes at a time of the time! My oil is so annoying
  6. Hi! I did not experience anything like that. Although, her being on 15 mg a day meant her dose was about 5 times higher than mine. Maybe on a lower dose she could still have clearance without that side effect? Dana
  7. It took about 2 months for my skin to clear completely. I also did not have an initial breakout- my acne just slowly disappeared. Hi Agata! 1. I would say my acne was mild- moderate when I started. I think low dose may work well for mild acne, especially if you have oily skin. 2. After I stopped, I have had a few inflamed pimples but mostly just clogged pores and oily skin. I started Differing about a month ago though and that has helped a lot. It used to do nothing for me but after accut
  8. Hi Positively Positive! I did not experience any initial breakout with low dose accutane. I DID experience a HORRIBLE initial breakout with regular dose accutane, but the low dose had no such effect. Basically, my oil just slowly dissipated, followed by clogged pores and inflammatory acne disappearing until it was all gone. The oil took around 3-4 weeks to disappear, the acne a little longer (maybe 8-10 weeks?). It was a very easy process compared to regular dose accutane- not at all simila
  9. I meant 60 mg per DAY as the normal dose- typo
  10. Green oms I meant complete clearance while I was on it. I don't believe the whole "cumulative dose" thing so much to be honest. I think some people respond permanently to accutane and some don't. I was on a full course earlier in life and reached the cumulative dose but my acne still came back. Hence, the low dose. I do believe someone could be on an extremely low dose for life; however, there isn't much research done on low dose longer than three years. There is a dermatologist who posts on rea
  11. What dose are you on? I wouldn't drink that much if I was you- it may impact your liver enzymes.
  12. If you are only on the second day of treatment there is no way the accutane is causing your anxiety. It could not possibly have built up enough in your system to be impacting your mental health. I think you are just paranoid about it and attributing any bad feeling that comes up to the accutane. Don't worry!
  13. Hi nani- FIrst and foremost, please talk to a counselor or therapist about some of your feelings- you don't have to feel this badly all the time! I know it sucks ass to have bad skin and I also obsess constantly about my skin, but it shouldn't make you want to die. Please talk to someone! I also have a tidbit that may make you feel better- I was on low dose accutane for 3 years straight! I would still be on it now, but I'm 28 and may want to get pregnant in the next year and so I had to st
  14. I was on a full course of accutane for 5-6 months (60 mg per day). I actually had acne throughout my ENTIRE course, and was still breaking out near the end (not as much, but it didn't look good). My skin didn't get totally clear until a few months after the course. Hang in there!