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  1. HappyScar

    Dermaflage Work For My Bad Acne Scarring

    It's been one year since I am in this forum .... just want to remind fellow acne scar sufferers not to be depressed and there are ways to cover up your scars efficiently. I have gone through the similar mental anguish that we all share but I am happy I found my release from endless depression. So do not give up!
  2. HappyScar

    Endless loop of hell

    the scar seem protuding but yet indented at the edges .... Seem possible to cover with dermaflage ..... But I cannot advise until I see more pics I might know how to apply if see more pic or u in real life
  3. HappyScar

    Dermaflage Work For My Bad Acne Scarring

    Btw I read a lot of talk on this forum on wearing dermaflage for up to 2 days .... For me I always remove it at the end of the day to let my skin have some fresh air technically skin do not breathe but we also dun want it to be clogged by wearing makeup for too long
  4. HappyScar

    DermaFlage? I want to hide ICE PICK SCARS

    Read here for technique to use dermaflage .... I have plenty of scars .... Just hide the main ones like me and u will be happy http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/349496-dermaflage-work-for-my-bad-acne-scarring/
  5. HappyScar

    Endless loop of hell

    Stop all the treatment, most surgeon only dare commit 10% improvement with all the laser procedure, subcisiom and other ineffective treatment to suck our pocket dry. Been there and done it all. Read my post on dermaflage ..... Sad to say .... It is the only thing that work for meHere is the link http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/349496-dermaflage-work-for-my-bad-acne-scarring/ trust me when I say I have tried it all ....
  6. HappyScar

    Dermaflage Work For My Bad Acne Scarring

    u are right to say it is easier to work for 1 or 2 ... But since it can work for 1 or 2 , it will work for more .... Like u say it is the effort to apply to all the sad thing is I do not dare go out without applying dermaflage anymore as the difference to my face is massive ..... Hence, I rather spend the 40 min on a daily basis to put dermaflage.... Anyway, during the 40 min, I use it to contemplate and think about stuffs as I put put on my makeup like "how beauty is only skin deep" I c
  7. HappyScar

    Dermaflage Work For My Bad Acne Scarring

    Hi Monami, It take time to refine your skill to flat out whole surface and how you apply the cream at certain scars near a particular area. Sometimes you need to fill out scars that are near each other individually first , then you smear a layer between these closely placed scar to achieve a flat surface. You will have to experiment till you get what I have learned to do over many months. So Try and Try until you get it ! Don't give up!!!
  8. HappyScar

    Dermaflage Work For My Bad Acne Scarring

    Wide spread application as in those scars that are very long and wide? If u see my pic .... I have at least 2 of those .... Hehe For those kind of wide rolling scar, I am usually more generous and use more cream ....and yeah it sometimes bulge a bit Where u can see some edges That is when I apply a second thin layer over the edges to smooth it out .... This applying of second layer depends on how obvious the edge of first application is . If the edges for first application is too obvious
  9. HappyScar

    Dermaflage Work For My Bad Acne Scarring

    Someone messaged me the question below ======================================== I have very similar skin texture and acne scars as you and am struggling trying to find a way for the dermaflage to look natural and cover up my scars. When I spot treat, it bulges from the surrounding skin. I also noticed you use a concealer after dermaflage application, what kind do you use? Can you please send me a step by step instruction of your routine? Your skin looks amazing!! Thank you ===================
  10. HappyScar

    Dermaflage Work For My Bad Acne Scarring

    I used light tan. Take note : The colour tone might not match your skin colour exactly. So get the one darker than your skin if u cannot find a close match Why get the one darker than your skin? Answer - If you get the tone lighter than your skin, then it will look like white spots when you spot treat like me. ================= How do a darker tone work for my skin then? Answer - You realise that Dermaflage got the transparent cream and the coloured cream? You have to mix both to get
  11. HappyScar

    Dermaflage Work For My Bad Acne Scarring

    1 tube of dermaflage can last me roughly 1/2 a month or 15 days. So I usually need around 2 tube for the entire month. It might be costly to some people, but most of my woman friends spend more on all sort of comestics per month.
  12. Hello Everyone, I have Acne since I was 13 and now am 37 years olds. I suffered from bad acne scarring and have all sort of scars (pitted, wide, rolling, chicken pox) Over the years, I tried Subcision, Fraxel, CO2, Fat Transfer, Fillers, TCA Cross, tropical Cream and even the latest Infini. During each treatment I was filled with hope that my scar will be improved ... only to meet with disappointment. Basically improvement is from 10-20% only. I tried comestic to hide my scar but none work as
  13. HappyScar

    Dermaflage on Right Cheek

  14. HappyScar

    Dermaflage on Left Cheek

    See how I hide my scar using Dermaflage on rolling scars and pitted scars on left cheeks. Final pic is after concealer touch up.