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  1. hi there - i am doing the 20mg per day of accutane for my oily skin. I am finishing my 2nd week - so i cant give you a good position from where i am right now. I did notice that the oil has decreased and some of my blackheads are slowing going way. I am a male, 33 years old - i too have oily skin. The 20mg per day is a lower dosage, but be aware that your doc might keep you on the meds for a longer period of time - instead of 5 month, on a regular treatment , he or she might push it to 7 months.
  2. Hey guys, I am taking Accutane for my oily skin. I have tried everything under the sun, but with little results. I used to have solid mild acne with some bad breakouts on my back and head as well. Nowadays my acne is almost nonexistant - I am 34 years old male. I breakout with some ingrown hairs when i shave, but besides that I don't have any major issues. I have found little info on people on Accutane for oily skin. Some say that the skin went back to oily after the treatment was finished. I
  3. Hello guys, I have been battling acne for decades - my face is mostly clear from acne, but I have extremely oily skin and enlarged pores with lots blackheads - My current dermatologist is out of state and she has agreed to prescribe Accutane, or the genetic stuff, but she mentioned I have to go in person for a visit in order to be placed on that medication. My issue is that the docs I have seen in my area will NOT prescribe the med - they are against the medicine altogether. Does any