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  1. well damn..i was just trying to get some help. mild or not mild whatever it is..i was looking for some advice. for the past three weeks or so ive been on botchla's regimen. follow it pretty regularly. i do put mandelic acid on at night..thought that might help with reduction of the red marks. simon
  2. I posted an album about 3 months ago with some pictures...ive been trying real hard to clear my skin up..but i dont think im seeing any progress. I tried to take simlar pictures of my bad areas..the camera with the second images is much better..but please tell me what you think...any suggestions would be nice too..thanks a bunch simon http://f2.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/gravv_2000/album?.dir=/2003-12-23
  3. Well, ive been on this regimen for about 10 days and my skin broke out pretty bad a few days ago. ive decided to try to stick it out and see how things go for another week. i hope this breakout clears up by this weekend, cause i got a little hottie coming to visit me . if i dont start seeing results in another week or so, im not sure where to go...any ideas? before i started botchla's i was washing with cetaphil AM and PM. in the AM i was putting bp all over and using olay to keep me from dry
  4. I've been on Botchla's Regimen for about 2 weeks now. I have noticed that my skin feels great, after i shave and wash my face. feels really really smooth, aside from a few bumps here and there. but the over all look of my skin hasnt changed too much..i have one giant pimple on my cheek, about 5 days old waiting for that sucker to dry out, but other than that nothing to major..i was wondering if botchla's regimen will start to help the apperance of my skin..maybe fade out some slight redmarks.
  5. i think ive pretty much got my active acne under control, a new pimple here and there, but nothing i can't handle. Now im working on my red marks, new and old. I've seemed to hit a void with the use of topical treatments, right now i use 10 percent mandelic acid at night and 2.5 percent bp in the morning followed by olay. i wash with cetaphil. i was wondering where i should go from here, ive never really gone to see a derm before, im thinking i should start there. im not sure exactly how to
  6. sorry, try this link http://photos.yahoo.com/gravv_2000
  7. well, lately ive been really bothered about my skin problems. i finally got some pics up so ya'll can maybe help me out. http://f2.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/gravv_200...dir=/2003-12-23 ive been on dans thing for like a month or so, i dont really get much new acne, just some red spots that come and go. that cyst? i on my cheek just wont go away any ideas. I want to try perfect complexion TCA, any ideas will be helpful. thanks simon
  8. hello everyone, im a 20 year old college student, and i have had mild acne for years. ive tried all sorts of over the counter medicnes, to control my breakouts. i tried elicina(trash), and finally got onto dans little deal. it has worked well, for the 3 weeks ive been on it. i havent gotten any real new pimples or cysts. most, nearly all, of my acne is just on my cheeks. now im left with lots of little icepick scars, id say between 60-100. i have a couple big red marks, that i would like