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  1. Great.

    This definitely works. It is irritating, but that's the function of the product. I suffered back acne and i have recover by 80% in only 3 weeks. I usually use it every 2 or 3 days in the face because of the burns. It can be something strong, but I really recommend it.

    Does it work? I'm thinking about treating with this laser, and I'm not entirely sure its positive effects. I read mixed reviews here and elsewhere, and I am very scared !. I would say that practically suffer from severe acne, I went to 3 dermatologists and have tomadod different pills and creams, including doxycycline, monoxiclina, Tetralysal, benzoyl peroxide, Differin, among others. Including some natural remedies, some helped me but didn ´t saw significant changes. I suffered from acne for se
  3. I dont know what to do.

    It's been a month since I was prescribed Tetralysal, and it has not helped me in anything ... I'm very worried, I have almost 3 years battling acne with different pills / creams and the vast majority have not helped me at all! Someone can give me some recommendation? I'm desperate because i have suffer from severe acne for a long time and has burdened my life and my dreams! It is very frustrating! PLEASE HELP.