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  1. Miserable, i know it does not say that on the package but this is what my derm told me and I find it does work for red marks. Basically these so-called reintoids speed up your skin'r own process. First, I got lots of gunk just coming up to the surface and it was pretty gross. This was all the stuff that was stuck deep below. Now that this has cleared I use it as a preventative method and as a means of clearing away the remains (red marks). It makes your skin really smooth. But be patient.
  2. You are lucky because these marks are much easier to fade. Any retinoid derivative should help (like differin or one of the retin a products). If your skin is not too fair and thin (like mine - I am very fair and my skin) you might be able to tolerate Retin A. My skin pealed and was so raw when I used Retin A but Differin is fabulous. Even the differin I had to work up some tolerance to but now i can use it everyday and the marks fade in literally a week or two. WHat these do as far as I k
  3. Wow, as difficult as it must have been I bet you are now thankful. I am not sure that I would be able to go through that if I had to. I am lucky in that I just get breakouts on my jaw line. They are sometimes really bad and can be sore but luckily they don't leave any marks behind that stay for long. I was talking to my dermatologist's assistant about all these procedures out of interest. Now there are lasers to do this treatment. Do you know much about these? Also, not sure if you ever m
  4. I find differin works really well at getting rid of surface level red marks. In like a week they faded really well. I think it all depends on the type of skin you have. For example, my skin is very pale and sensitive and can't handle anything stronger like Retin A. Interestingly enough, I am a huge believer in Differin. It has really done wonders for me.
  5. Animegirl, wow, I am amazed. How painful was it? You were truly brave to undergo this treatment. And the results are amazing. You look fabulous today. How long did you contemplate dermabrasion before actually going though with it?
  6. Yes, I agree. The Neutrogena Extra gentle is fab for makeup removal and does not irritate but cleans effectively. So do you use this and then cleanse with a separate cleaner? Or so you just use this one twice?
  7. I have been seeing this new infomercial from Guthy_Renker (who also make Proactiv). It looks like it would be good to cover mild to moderate acne on sensitive skins. Has anyone tried this and if so what were the results?
  8. Yes I agree, Clindamycin is great to calm the red stuff...Differin gets it our from deep down and Clindamycin calms what bubbles up...they work well hand in hand. Duac is also good which is BP and Clindamycin together...
  9. i am told that zinc can be effective but not sure what dosage is recommended, nor how long it takes to work. Proactiv has been good for me...not the regular advertised regimen but they make a daily oil control gel that is great. it does not dry you out, it just absorbs and prevents oil build-up without that thick cloudy layer that some oil control products for oil control do.
  10. yes anything like retin a or even differin will help with the healing process. Patience is key. If they are just red marks consider yourself lucky. It is the deep scars that are so difficult to deal with. good luck to you!
  11. my doc told me that pretty much any pill that is low androgen will help this. According to her most pills are similar in structure but people are different so you have to try one yourself to see how it works for you...I know this is annoying but one type of pill may work wonders for one woman while the same pill is not great for another woman. Personally I use allesse. It is ok but I think ortho tri was better for my skin. Allesse is lower in hormones though which is probably better overall
  12. I had the same type of ance that you do and it has done so much for me in the past 6 weeks or so. I get very clogged in my chin and jaw areas and it has really helped unplug me. At first you get all these blackhead and all of these hidden things bubbling up to the surface but if you can be patient and allow yourself to get through this process, the results, I feel are worth it. Now I am pretty clear now but if I have a pimple, a night or two of differin pretty much clears it without any bruis
  13. i think it depends on how long before you workout you have applied it. My derm told me to use it only in the evening, before bed. Apparently sunlight breaks it down as well. If you can use it at night only, at least you know more of it will have the opportunity to sink in.
  14. my derm told me if i have make up on to cleanse the make up first and then do another wash to clean the face. that way you know you are not leaving anything behind. as long as you are supergentle and don't rub it shouldn't strip or irritate.
  15. oh dart! not really good at this posting stuff, i usually operate in person but this is so fun