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  1. I've been using it for 6 months before and now I'm using it for about 5. Working wonders for me.
  2. Short version: I'm using a generous amount of 1% clindamycin gel (not dalacin lotion!) once to twice daily after washing. I noticed good results as soon as after one week, and was almost completely clear after about three. Long version: The kind of acne I (used to) have is often inflamed whiteheads and red bumps, sometimes painful, sometimes somewhat below my skin and mostly in my chin/jawline area. Some two and a half year ago I moved to Mexico for a year to study and learn Spanish and my
  3. Four weeks have passed since I started my "Mexican regimen" and though I'm still not clear my skin is alot better than it was, or at least feels better. Because this regimen got me clear in less than a month last time, I'm going to try to change some stuff to check if that might help. First thing I'm gonna try: wash with warm water - like I used to do - instead of cold. I take cold showers every day and wash my face in the shower. What I'm gonna do now is wash my face after I shower with (luke
  4. check the accutane personal regimen logs
  5. It's been a while! My last regimen didn't really work, but it wasn't 100% the same as I'd been following in Mexico. Now, some 3 weeks ago, I finally got exactly the same thing (even got some soap imported from Mexico) and its going okay, not too good not too bad. On the positive side: I don't feel my acne anymore at all. The itching used to be one of my biggest irritations so it's really great that that's gone now. Also: I don't get many new spots anymore, and almost no whiteheads, just red bum
  6. Hey guys, I just bought Paula's Choice 2% BHA gel and haven't been using it so far since I'm on another regimen that I want to give a chance first. But I was wondering: I know AHA can be used as an on-the-spot treatment, can I use this gel for the same purpose? Cause even though I don't get much spots anymore, they linger on my skin for AGES! They usually don't even form a whitehead, but just become big reddish bumps and then take like ten days to fade away. I got a few whiteheads also, but the
  7. Hey guys, About ten days ago I started following a regimen which includes 1% clindamycine gel (also known as dalacin), which is an antibiotic and it's working really well against inflammation. My only problem now is, that while my zits are not inflaming, that does not stop my pores from clogging so zits are still forming and they linger on my skin for a long long time. So apart from gentle cleansing and applying this antibiotic, what kind of product should I use to stop my pores from clogging?
  8. NL_020

    dan the man but he ain't visiting the boards so much anymore

  9. Alright, it's been some months and I see this part of the forum is still not there. I've already gotten rid of my acne by now, but I'd love to see a forum discussing the methods other people used to get rid of theirs, just for the sake of knowledge spreading. Just hope that one day it'll be implemented, and I don't really understand why it hasn't been yet...