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  1. Early2Rise

    Harsh and irritating.

    Harsh and irritating.

    There are too many surfactants,one of the being coco-betaine. This ingredient was labelled irritant of the year by the American dermatology association. Look it up This is a very basic foaming in cleanser that will be all right for some, drying for many and highly problematic for a few. You may think that because it doesn't contain SLS are parabens that is better than Cetaphil (foaming or gentle) but it does contain quaterium 15 which is a preservative in it for Melda Hyde releasing agen
  2. If the sun makes you itch or causes your skin to react it's likely you have an autoimmune disease. A lot of these poor people here don't realize that their acne is likely due to an auto immune disease and then they take antibiotics which just makes things worse
  3. Tried it today for the first time

    I got the "travel size"kit to try out. I don't have acne really, I am prone to clogged pores. I tried the cleanser and moisturizer for the first time today and I can tell Im going to like it. It's yellow because the ingredient Licochalcone is a licorace derivative that helps to fade dark marks. I have melasma and this ingredient is pretty hard to find in Canada, especially in a concentration you can see. I don't know what everyone else is talking about it when they describe it as "greasy". I t
  4. Let me tell you, the ingredients are scary. TEA is the first ingredient and that is bad stuff https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triethanolamine#Cosmetics_and_medicine So I am returning it. Sorry, $42 CAD for a ball of soap the sze of a golfball with a pH of 8 or higher and TEA as the main ingredient is not worth it. I will continue with the ASAP 365 Silver gel, and collodial silver as a "toner" but as far as cleanser goes... back to Dove
  5. I bought some colloidial silver liquid suspension. I found that spraying it on my face helps with hydration and comfort. I tried just wipes and water, then just water but because I wear a lot of sunscreen that wasn't enough. I went back to Cerave foaming, Drying but okay. I've order a trial size bar of Cor Silver soap. My plan is to try all silver, when I get the soap: Cor Silver soap (pH of 6.8) then tone with CS liquid (has a pH of 5) and moisturize with silver gel. I also use a 5% nici
  6. Uh...no.

    Did this. HATED it and I don't have acne. I merely have congested skin...or HAD I should say. Soap was invented hundreds of thousands of years ago. I personally need something to break the surface tension so that the oil built up in my pores can be released. You only need to wash your face 2x a day. Forget the treatments and toners & stuff. I think SA and BP are the reason so many of you are still struggling. Get a bar of soap, and a washcloth. Use that and a gel like aloever
  7. Scrubbing will not get rid of your problem because it is demodex. What I do is powder my face at night with sublimed sulfur powder. It gives me smooth, clear skin because sulfur kills demodex.
  8. It's been a while since I've updated this blog but I wanted to chart my progress. My problem is not so much acne in the form of pustules, but rather a tendency toward clogged pores and excess keratization. Perhaps some one reading can relate. I have keratosis pilaris and it does affect the lower region of my face as well as my arms, and hips/thighs. Avoiding sugar helps a great deal with keratosis pilaris and as most know, general skin health. Anyway the top layer of my skin gets dry, very d
  9. jojoba oil doesn not cause skin to purge! Only actives that speed up cell turnover such as salicylic acid, Glycolic acid ect & Retin a will cause skin to purge.
  10. After some time, I faced the fact that Dove is not what it used to be. I find it irritating and drying as well as pore clogging. This really bums me out, I had an emotional thing with Dove Beauty Bar. Anyway, I found that I am fairly reactive to a lot of common things in cleansers. I can't handle cerave stuff, especially the lotion or cream. For me, nicinamide makes my skin very angry. I did some research and found out about a cleanser made by a company called Pharmaceutical Specialties, the
  11. Perfect pH gentle surfactants

    This is a non-irritating cleanser Fria of parabens, sulfates, lanolin, propylene glycol and any derivative thereof, as well as betaine and is oil free. The pH is 5.5. This cleansers unique because the foaming agents form large micelles, therefore it cannot penetrate the stratum corneum. This means that it does not strip the lipid barrier, and it does not cause irritation. no irritation equals no acne. No it will not clear up acne on it's own however the pH is optimal which limits the prolifera
  12. Well, it's been almost a week and dove soap is not what it used to be. I don't know what is changed in the last two years, but I seem to react to it over a very short time. It appears to be very drying and irritating. there's also the issue with the water in my apartment. It's not good, and I need something that's going to combat that. I've settled on Spectro jel because I was informed by a pharmacist (I know, not a dermatologist but somebody with some knowledge of chemistry) that spectro h
  13. I hope I can watch the parade of lights with the mouse I am in love with<3 

  14. Just wondering what you are using as a cleanser? The reason the sunscreen has been the thing that has helped the most is due to the Zinc oxide. It makes your skin super clear and calm ime