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  1. look.. isnt this the same thing as that $40 epilator thing?? http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...amp;catid=50621 its way cheaper! hmm i might have to consider this. does it bring back the hair darker??? i have a lil bit of an acne prob on my upper lip 2..so im scared to buy this. EDIT: hmm nevermind... it says trimmer..duh haha. anyway.. i am still wondering about the hair coming back darker??
  2. i am 2 scared to wax so i use a facial trimmer
  3. with swim suit season coming i was wondering.... do you all epilate your stomach? haha..i know weird question. i have some hair on my stomach..and i dont really like it. i was wondering if i should buy an epilator and use it on my stomach?? will it grow up dark or anything??? thanks!
  4. okay people.. i have never used eyeliner before..i was wondering if people wear just eyeliner and no eye shadow? im not into the whole eye shadow thing. but anyways... do you all put it on top and bottom or just top? whats some tips?
  5. will they make a person look short? because i am already really short haha
  6. I might have to try out some skinny jeans or boot..usually i dont like boot..but i think they would be okay with these flats. usually boot jeans dont go with my jeans...always bunch up
  7. thanks everyone for the info! and i dont wear skinny jeans because i dont like them. not for me.
  8. thanks for the info! i have some skinny flare jeans that arent open that much..thats why i bought the pumas. i have kswiss shoes but it bunched up the jeans a lot because they werent as flared as my other jeans. most jeans are made nowadays with a skinny flare so i need to find new shoes.. and with spring/summer coming up i wanted to check out these flats. thanks!
  9. I was wondering if you all think that flat shoes like these: shoes would look good w/ flare jeans. hmm idk? and how do people wear em? with or w/out socks? i have never worn these type of shoes. i saw a girl wearing ones like these with black thin socks and flare jeans..i thought it made her outfit a lil dressy. when i wear dressy/nice tops i wear pumas and i think it woudl look better if i had nice shoes like this.
  10. lol Im gonna go shopping today to for some shoes and a purse. I got a lot of tax back :D

  11. just going shopping and going to red lobster with my boyfriend!

  12. You are certainly welcome ;) Do you have any special plans?

  13. Hey, Happy 20th to you :)