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  1. If you think you need to starve yourself to eat a healthy diet, you are not really getting it. Why not just limit the pizza/junk to those social occasions and then eat as healthy as possible the rest of the time. Just be conscious of the dairy and bread type stuff and junk food, that leaves a lot of choices!!! Try to just make some better choices with food. Maybe you can't go whole hog, but some better choices will make a difference without making you feel deprived, and I guarantee you will
  2. Ben~ There is one thing that prooves that your theory that stones are formed from oil and ingrediants in flush... THE STONES STOP SHOWING UP AFTER A WHILE! That alone blows your theory out of the water and all the other "imaginary" theories. Hello... how the hell do you explain that? You do the exact same protocall and get completely different results? Give it up.. you are flat wrong on this. You "knowing" God doesn't exsist and "knowing" these stones are fake just show me that you think Y
  3. It is pretty inexpensive. Milk might be a little cheaper but not much.
  4. I don't eat soy, just because it doesn't digest well for me. I do however LOVE rice milk, and have added fortified vanilla rice milk to my mostly Raw diet for the added calcium, B12 and vitamin D. I don't want to take ANY capsul or tablet suppliments, so this plus green Super food is where I get my extra vitamins, and it is way cheaper then when I was making home made almond milk. It trully is delicious. Yry "Vanilla Rice Dream" mmmmmmmmm. $1.29
  5. The risk of going under the knife and the trauma of surgery should be your biggest consern. Out of all the stories you have read about flushing, how many resulted in anything dangerous or negative?? For God's sake if you go straight to the knife without trying to flush first, you are foolish in my opinion.
  6. 3. The oil and juice cannot turn into stones, the body cannot do that, not even a laboratory. Analysis of the stones shows that they consist of 90 percent cholesterol crystals. The cholesterol in olive is minimal and not sufficient to form any clumpts. Besides it is soluble cholesterol that is unable to coagulate. The reason why the the liver can easily accomodate 4000-5000 stones becauuse of the huge biliary network. Instead of having bile occupying the space, bile stones begin to occupy that s
  7. That could only be said, regarding it being bm rather then stones, by someone who hasn't ever flushed. When you see this stuff you will understand that you are incorrect. But since you never will, c'est la vie. Either way my skin looks great, and I am very happy I found something that works.
  8. I'd like to add something to the argument that olive oil created the stones... I have done around 10-11 flushes. Since #8 the stones have come out progressively darker. They say the darker ones are the older ones. Why would this happen?? The 9th one I had 8 huge brown stones, and this last time I had many large and small black stones. the first several, I only had green with the occational tan. Why would that be? No I didn't take pictures. I have no need to PROVE this to anyone. I am
  9. woohoo I am really amazed the more I dig into all of it!!!!
  10. You guys may want to look into the wonders of Raw Food. I am reading a book called "Your Right to be Beautiful." I started being high Raw a month or so ago after reading the first year of Shazzie's journal, and now this book is really giving me some serious food for thought about cooking foods and eating sugar, salt etc... Anyway, a good read! Shazzies journal is here http://www.shazzie.com/raw/journal/ year 2000 is what really got me interested in Raw.
  11. Yum! You sound like a great cook!
  12. I haven't read anything about having to quit meat or that having anything to do with flushing either. I think since we are such a health conscious group, many of us are vegetarian or giving up dairy due to other diet related information about acne. As far as bowel movements are concerned, you can always use colosan with P&B shakes and you'll have no problem moving stuff through your bowels. The Pysllium that I am using atm has an herbal laxative and probiotics in it so it kind of really d
  13. Yay JC!!! Good job.. heck with all of us on a schedule like this, there will be a flush every weekend!
  14. Exactly!! And I have extremely weak and sensitive stomach.. I throw up when I just imagine someone spitting or something gross like that!! My friends make fun of me all the time.. Y~ Did you mix the O/O and Grapefruit together in a jar and shake it real good? One of the things about this combo is that the grapefruit completely changes the texture of Olive Oil to liquid and it is much easier to chug down real fast. It is actually not that bad... as long as you don't double/tripple the re