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  1. scaredbutexcited

    Low Dose Accutane

    It's awful, I read all these stories about how at 3 months they're all clear but I have to remind myself that I am on a low dose, my only side effect is dry lips. I have incredibly sensitive skin so my doctor said I am not allowed to have a topical cream and to use roaccutane at the same time. Do you know of a good cleanser that might help? I am so embarrassed to leave the house or to even look people in the eye. I can't wait to see a change soon enough!
  2. scaredbutexcited

    From: Low Dose Accutane

  3. scaredbutexcited

    Low Dose Accutane

    Hi All, I have been using low dose (20mg) roaccutane a day for 3 months and I have had no change and I am still getting a new pimple almost every day. Is this normal? When should I expect it to start clearing up? I only ever had mild acne before and now it is 10x worse than when I started using Acne. I need someone to reassure me that this is normal and that in th next couple months I should see a change.
  4. scaredbutexcited

    10Mg A Day Of Accutane?

    I am at day 53! Forehead is now clear, everywhere else is still bad, on day 61 I start at 20mg hopefully my skin clears soon!
  5. scaredbutexcited

    10Mg A Day Of Accutane?

    I am just going to keep pushing on. I just have to remind myself of the end result. I haven't had clear skin for 10 years now. The day I have clear skin I think I might have a party hhaha. Good luck to you too! Hope it all goes well and we are both clear soon enough!
  6. scaredbutexcited

    10Mg A Day Of Accutane?

    Okay I took both your advice and stopped using it, my face is still breaking out with about 2 pimples a day and my blackheads are looking worse and worse everyday. I hope this stops soon. I am on day 16 I think. My face looks horrible I have never had this many pimples at one time ever. I am getting very self conscious to the point I don't even want to go to the shop to get groceries. I am even too worried about how I look that I am not going to my friends 21st this weekend. As to the oil, my face is still oily!! My lips are a little dry and my skin is flaky/peely. Feels like my face is sunburnt. That's the only side effects. I am going back on my anti-depressants as well. Hopefully they will help me a little bit with being anxious to leave the house.
  7. scaredbutexcited

    10Mg A Day Of Accutane?

    I am pretty healthy like not low on anything. My GP gave me thumbs up that's how good I am. The antibiotics are only 50mg. I just can't handle it I don't even want to go out of the house or anything
  8. scaredbutexcited

    10Mg A Day Of Accutane?

    I eat pretty healthy all the time anyway, my skin was never really bad. I just had lots of little pimples on my forehead and a few on my jaw. Now I have so many on my jaw yet on my forehead there has been maybe 1 new one lol. My face feels like sunburn lol. My derm said that after 2 months I will go up to 20mg too. I go on holiday in June and I hope it is some what better or atleast if I could wear make up lol. I am taking my antibiotics as well(without my derm knowing) seeing if that speeds up the progress
  9. scaredbutexcited

    10Mg A Day Of Accutane?

    How long until you stopped breaking out and started seeing results?
  10. scaredbutexcited

    Accutane Moisturiser?

    I can't even remember where I put my booklet lol. I have only just wore mineral powder instead of foundation today it's not as noticeable so might need to just use that. Thank you! I will try the aloe Vera and the neutrogena hand cream! I am just using paw paw cream for my lips and that is good!
  11. scaredbutexcited

    Accutane Moisturiser?

    Hey all, Looking for a good moisturiser for my skin while on accutane? My skin is red and flaking/peeling off. My pimples are sore around them. My skin is still oily though as only been on accutane for almost 2 weeks. Please someone help me! I work in a professional position and it's quite embarrassing meeting clients with my skin flaking off. I am from Australia! Thank you!
  12. scaredbutexcited

    10Mg A Day Of Accutane?

    10 days now and I have never had this much big pimples on my face. I hope this is the intital breakout so I can get it over and done with so it can start to clear. Face is peeling and flaking and it is painful. That is the only side effect I have had. Not really any dry lips and still have oil. Still so long to go
  13. scaredbutexcited

    10Mg A Day Of Accutane?

    I have a few new pimples so far, I am hoping it doesn't get much worse. But I haven't had any side effects yet and it's been 6 days now. Still oily face, no dry lips or anything. The only thing I have noticed is that my skin is more sensitive like if I scratch myself with my nails it hurts more then it used to: but so far so good. Thanks for replying!!
  14. scaredbutexcited

    First Step

    I started taking Accutane yesterday on 10mg a day. My first pill yesterday left me feeling quite nauseas and I had it straight after my food. Today no nauseas. No side effects at all yet. I am so very nervous for the side effects. I have quite a vibrant social life and I am incredibly scared of having a initial breakout, but I guess it's worth it to have clear skin at the end. My next dermatologist appointment is 11 June 2015. The day after I go on holiday. I am hoping there is some change or the IB is getting better. i have tried previously to Accutane topical creams, doxycline, retin-a, yaz the pill and so many scrubs. I do not have cysts or anything. I have mild acne but it is on my chest and my back. They're basically little pimples and black heads everywhere. I will also be taking progress photos once a week. My dermatologist has told me I need to take Accutane for atleast 9 months. So keep reading if you are interested in my progress!
  15. scaredbutexcited

    10Mg A Day Of Accutane?

    Hey all! Today I am going to start taking accutane for the first time! I have read over 150 reviews on this product and I can't wait to start it! My dermatologist says I will need to be on accutane for 1 year at the incredibly low dose. I am not looking forward to the side effects and the initial break out, but I guess it I finally have clear skin in the long run that it will be worth it! If you would like to know any questions or follow my progress I am happy share everything with you all! I would not feel so confident about going through a course of accutane if It wasn't for this website!