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  1. I loved the vbeam, felt like it helped with the redness. I think I would continue this forever as long as I need it. I suffer from Roscea. No bad experience with this treatment. So from the last time, I brokeout from hormonal acne. I ended up going on the Theraclear therapy and have been having this for the past month, once every two weeks is recommended. Last month I started it but then haven't been back there until today, due to work and kids bla bla (life's pleasure). So today was my secon
  2. Helloooo, So I have been busy. I started a new job on the 25th of May so I actually haven't had a chance to update. So my pics for after treatment for the vbeam and Picosure laser is here. This is after the treatment, my skin was really red.
  3. So following up from my treatment yesterday. I am not having the CO2 laser anymore because I have super sensitive skin and Dr Patel said he thinks I would benefit from the Picosure laser instead. So I had it done yesterday, with the Vbeam laser and I must say I love the Vbeam. I suffer from rosacea, so my skin is often VERY RED, which makes my scarring etc more visible. My skin today is not as red as usual which I am very pleased about. Dr Patel said because of the down time I had for the In
  4. Hi Fory, Just don't get your hopes up, apparently it could be swelling and it could take 3-6months for the real effect to be seen with the treatment. I hope it does work for you though. But yeah try not to get too hopeful... As yeah disappointments are quite hard to take and I cried over many haha. x
  5. I have mostly boxcar scarring, I did not have any bad experience with the CO2 as I only have been for one. I had the infini treatment and had no effect and the healing took me approximately 5-6 months which caused me quite a bit of stress as I thought I would be stuck with the micro dots as well as acne scarring. I have 2 more CO2 laser to go to, one that should be on the 31st of March if I do not land myself a new job by then. I have been to quite a few interviews lately, I am hoping they w
  6. Sorry for the late reply. I can not say how much % you will see on your skin, it all depends on the individual skin. We all have different skin and they react differently, I would not say it is realistic 70%-80% from one infini. If your skin heals well then possibly after the course of 3 but do not have high hopes on it. We as scar sufferers want the fastest way to get to the skin type that we can accept but there is no such thing as a quick fix. As you saw for me, I did not see any improve
  7. it is quite a headache to be able to have controlled the acne and left with horrible scarring. I believe there is a treatment to help people but it is finding that right treatment that suits your skin type, it's the same with products as well. It took me forever to find the products that suited my skin, which ranged from all different brands instead of one brand. Scarring unfortunately is very difficult to treat and our skin all heal at a different pace etc. My clinic that I go to is in Harley
  8. Hello everyone, It has been several months since October and I would like to show you my skin... Mind you I have been breaking due to hormones and I have not been going to see my chinese doctor to continue those sessions I was supposed to have with her. I have been very busy due to my drama life events. When I mean dramatic I mean dramatic lol. Anyhow my skin has healed from the Co2 and I would like to say there has been slight improvement, I have noticed that the very mild pits were the on
  9. Hello, sorry I have been super busy, like really busy, dramatic events has been happening so I have not been on. The track marks took me approximately 5-6 months to heal completely. I heal super slow even Dr Patel has commented on this. So it would depend on each individual. Hmm mine weren't really visible to people around 4 months, unless you was super close and staring. It bothered me that I noticed them as I know my own skin. It should usually take 3 months max for people who has ave
  10. Hello I had the co2 laser and i have my next one on the 31st of March at the PHI clinic with Dr Patel. i had only one co2 and healed well from it, the setting were low so the result was mild but there were SOME improvement, I personally don't really see any but from what my sister and partner told me, my pits were way deeper than before. I guess because I stupidly want them totally gone if there is a scar there still to me that doesn't make me feel or think it done much. Like I said it was on
  11. It did not help much I am currently on the CO2 laser course. Infini track marks are all gone, usually up to a course of 3 to see results but because of the track marks I went on the CO2 laser course instead due to my slow healing and I panicked since I thought I would not recover from it. I have my CO2 process on the forum too. So if you are interested please look at that. I have no updated it due to reaction to the Vaseline and made me breakout. I will have my 2nd Co2 laser next year April. So
  12. Hello Arte, PHI Clinic does fractional co2, I took a screenshot just for you of their treatments. I will be going for my next one in April most likely. Has there been improvements? Yes, I can say there has been... Not major improvements because the one I had was a light one to see how I would heal. I would like to point out having co2's your skin will never be the same... Apart from the acne scars my skin was pretty okay, felt smooth and soft etc before the treatment... My pores weren't that
  13. I use this cream when my face dries out from any acne product and I am telling you it works. Not many knows about this cream and heck yeah the price for it is hella good too. So worth a try, seriously. Anytime my skin dries up I put this on usually in a day or two skin is normal again. Whenever I am using my acne products especially coming on time, this is the only moisturiser I use. Nothing has come close to it. I have recommended it to a few of my friends and they have all agreed that it wo
  14. The daily Elemis Tri Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash will stimulate your skin's natural cell renewal cycle. Elemis’ revolutionary Tri-Enzyme technology is the catalyst in this innovative formulation for resurfacing the upper layers of your skin. This Resurfacing Facial Wash has non-abrasive exfoliation ingredients from the larch tree and babassu oil, which will replenish moisture levels in the epidermis. The anti-oxidant properties of moringa will help to protect your skin against environmental d
  15. Quick updates - not going to include pictures today, as the changes are not major. Light shedding of skin, not much but there is minor events happening. Slight redness and mild breakout. I have managed to stop smoking, I am currently on day 4 and have been on a nutrition smoothie drink up marathon. Lots of water and herbal teas, two meals daily and two veg/fruit smoothies. Will post pictures maybe Thursday or Friday. If anyone has any questions about this treatment, please do ask away.