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  1. Hey man, when i was a freshy i went through the same shit, except i also had a severely deformed chest. i'm a junior now and i had surgery last year to correct my chest (it was so bad it was messing up my lungs and heart). i never thought i'd be able to say i love my chest, but i can now. also, my acne has cleared up a lot since freshman year. i just shaved today and i had one big pimple but it's already gone. i was so depressed as a freshman though. i made horrible grades and then when i became
  2. Thanks guys. My acne isn't bad at all though. It added to my confidence problems but it's pretty much gone now. I only have one pimple right now and it's because I was in the hospital for a week and couldn't wash my face most of that time. And about my chest... mine was actually a medical condition. It affected my heart and lungs. Insurance paid 100% for the surgery. I used to not be able to go to a swimming pool or even walk in the wind without worrying about it. So now acne and my ches
  3. Face is still clear. I get a pimple every now and then, but I don't really care. Acne doesn't affect my confidence anymore. I wonder how long this will last though.
  4. I'd do my own laundry, but they wont let me use the washing machine.
  5. yes, now I just use my hands, but I still pat my face dry with a clean washcloth each time. And I have to use a washcloth somtimes to get dead skin off my face.
  6. This kid at my school had severe acne but he went on Accutane and it went away. Unfortunately it's comming back . He had severe scars and they've improved a ton in the last few months. Atleast 50% improvement. If my skin would work like that, you'd barely be able to tell I ever had acne.
  7. Just posting to say that I'm still completely clear.. once a week or so I might get a tiny pimple that's usually nothing though. I'm so happy with my skin. The only problem with it is the scarring. That should go away with time though, right? Anyway, I hope this lasts...
  8. Lol on Monday I was dreading going to school because I was mad and knew I'd have to sit by her. I didn't even wanna talk to her for atleast a month. By Tuesday I was back to thinking she was awesome and giving her hugs again.
  9. Ugh, I had to shave again today, and some day this week I woke up with 3 small pimples. My scars look DISGUSTING right now for some reason. I want this to go away sooo badly. Haha... I shaved Sunday, and then Friday...5 days of no shaving, that's great.
  10. Lol yea I know. I just got home from school and I have last period with that girl I like. She's so fuckin incredible lol.
  11. Yea I loved her. Now I don't want to be anywhere near her for a while. School's going to suck Monday cause I have to sit next to her for a class.
  12. I just shaved. It was awesome because I didn't have to worry about my acne. I shaved like 5x faster than I normally would. Only problem is my scars look horrible.. I guess u could say the right side of my face is really bad and the left side is mild. Hopefully they will fade with time.
  13. nope, my skin is perfect now. I love it. I just wish the few scars I have would go away. Until they do I'll just hide behind a little facial hair.