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  1. Will be following this! Please update with pictures. I need to get this procedure and am so curious about recovery! Thanks!
  2. I think it looks great ! Much less textured from my perspective:) Congrats!
  3. Clarus Dermatology does TCA Cross. Tareen Dermatology does TCA Cross and subcision done by an assistant. Otherwise the closest place I have found is Dr Despain in Missouri! It's depressing how the Dr's around here aren't skilled in the cheap, simple, EFFECTIVE procedures ! Hope this helps:)
  4. So mild! Honestly, I think it looks fine! I would never notice your scarring in real life. You should forget about it because I'm sure nobody has ever even noticed! Wish my skin looked like yours.:)
  5. Ang22


    Has anyone had this treatment done? I had seen some negative threads here on acne.org awhile ago. However, now I see Davin Lim is recommending this treatment a lot! In fact, he's shifted most of his fractional laser patients to this for of treatment. Since he seems like the top scar doctor, I believe he must be pretty confident in the results! So has anyone had this treatment, know anyone that's had this treatment? It looks like there are only a few people with this device in the US. And what
  6. It's been awhile now...any updates?? Hope your doing well!!
  7. Excited for you! I definently think you got improvement! And I believe it will look even better in a few weeks:)keep updating with pictures if you can!
  8. I called his office and have been contemplating making a long drive to see him. He still does do subcision.
  9. Looks barely noticeable! I would think derma roller would take care of it! Laser seems like A huge risk for your minor scars.
  10. Soooo...will you be updating pictures soon? Looking forward to them!
  11. This is from LA Jolla Cosmetic Laser- subcision and laser done in one session. It's the same concept as Dr Mark Taylor with the single entry point for subcision. The results look really good!
  12. Do you have active acne now? I would look into your digestive system and how you are dealing with stress. Maybe give your digestion a break and cut out dairy, gluten and sugar for a few weeks and see how it goes. Try some meditation or exercise to deal with stress! Hope this helps!
  13. My sister got pregnant 8 months after she got off Accutane! Her daughter is 4 now.