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  1. i dont know what you wanan spend or how this juicer is but the jack lelane power juicer is 100 bucks at target with a 25 dolar gift card when you buy it this week only...
  2. I got a juicer for christmas and was wondering if there was anything i could juice to help me with my acne...Ive drank carrot juice for a while from the store till my skin started turning yellow so im cuting back but are there any other fruits, veggies, or combinations that might help?
  3. i dont know buit i remember in chemistry last year we made aspirin out of solid salycylic acid and i wondered waht would happen if i dissolved some in water and applied it but i never did..,.it probably owsuldnt be too good lol
  4. Does anyone know of a good toner to use for my skin...ive been using the proactiv one which is pretty nice but im about to run out so id like to find one in stores...ive looked at some but they all have alchohol in them...i thought alchohol was bad...? Does anyoneknow any toner like the proactive one or something without alchohol? thanks in advance
  5. i thought i read somewhere that broccoli had alot of iodine or soemthin related to iodine and i have found iodine to aggravate my skin...whats the deal with broccoli?
  6. thanks a lot...does anyone have any suggestions for a good toner i could buy in a store like the proactive one?
  7. Does anyone else hate looking at mirrors or anything reflective because of what they might see....I have pretty good skin now but even when i go to the bathroom at school i dont look in the mirror when i wash my hands worried taht i might see something and become self concious about it...and then walking to my car i dont look at my r eflection in hte window...Its really annoying but i feel better when i have nothin to be self concious about..that i know of...
  8. I started using that aveeno redness reducing or calming lotion a while ago but just around my mouth and cheeks where im not really broken out...i have pretty oil skin on my forehead and especially my nose and next to it...i was wondering if lotion there would cause me to break out or would help reduce the amount of oil my body makes...any ideas? thanks in advance
  9. I while back i tried the proactive system but it didnt really help...now my skin is much better and i read a while ago that the toner really helped some people so ive been using it the past couple of days and really like how its wokring but was wondering if theres a way to order just the toner and not the wash or lotion...i also remember reading in the packet they sent out taht they had other products like shaving cream and other stuff...does anyone know where i can order these?
  10. why do you wanna get off it? i remmeber being on it and i couldnt lift as much at the gym but i didnt have to worry about my skin...now and days i shower in the morning and at night or else my skin gets really oily and gross but when i was on accutane i showered at least once a day but i didnt obsess about it...i dont know i just hate my skin when im not on accutane...even when its clear i know somethins gonna happen...does anyone think i should try the b5 treatment? a couple months ago i wanted
  11. I was on accutane for a month..then my triglycerides were off the chart...but my skin really cleared up fort htat month but then it got bad again and i went back on for another 3 months at the lowest dose i think 10 mg...my skin realy cleared up and i used to never go out, opting to stay home and play video games or watch tv instread of having to feel ashamed in front of my friends...now i got out regularly and my skin is alot better...but its still not perfect...my nose especially is really oi
  12. I have been going to the gym for a couple years and have tried some protein powders..but never choclate beccause of the stigma they have for causeing acne even though its been proven not too..most studies ive seen have related the breakouts to the sugar and fat in the chocolate and not the cocoa itself...so my question is does choclate whey protein would cause a breakout...or whey protein at all for that matter...?