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    Stopping Differin

    I've went two nights without it now. The pimples aren't too bad but the hyperpigmentation is out of this world. I've decided I will start using adapalene every other night instead of every night. I also rechecked the calendar and realized I'm only on week four. As much as I despise the breakouts, my nose has practically no blackheads and my T-zone in general is glowing. This is about the only thing that's keeping me holding on
  2. Worked great for my oily severe acne when nothing else would!

    Accutane worked fantastic for me. I had very inflamed acne all over my cheeks and the general side of my face. It was definitely severe. My skin is also very oily. I took 40 mg a day for 5 months. After the first week, I could tell a difference in my blackheads. My acne was gone by the end of month 3 with perfect skin by month 4. The only side effect that bothered me was the dry lips, and I was more prone to eye styes. Dr.Dans cortibalm was an absolute life saver for my lips. For face wash, I us
  3. In high school, my skin was terrible. I completed a 5 month course of 40 mg accutane in December. For the first time in as long as I could remember, my skin was perfect. The only complaint I had was these tiny little oil bumps that showed only when I put on foundation. On the quest for perfect skin, I started differin 0.1 that I bought from the drug store. I figured it would even out my skin and really be that final kicker to perfect skin. Because I am experienced with retanoids and skin routine
  4. Hey guys! I've recently started a new regimen for the second time. I use Sumadan wash on my back and chest, Benzac to wash my face, Tazorac at night, and Aczone in the morning. I also take a pill(not accutane) but the name escapes me. Anyway, my acne started in about 8th grade with small, closed bumps all over my forehead. In about 10th grade, those went away and it's like my acne migrated to the bottom of my cheeks and chin area. I barely ever break out on my forehead or nose, but my acne is pr