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  1. hey all, i've been on this combination of medicines for about a month now and it seems to be working great. I use 5% bp during the day and at night i take a minocylcline pill and put on .04% retin a micro. In between i wash my face with cetaphill. Its a lot of medicine and it hurt so badly for about two and a half weeks, but now i'm pretty much through that and it's awesome. I've stopped getting new pimples, the only ones i get are those little white bumps that just sit under your skin turnings
  2. hey, i just saw a dermatologist. they put me on all different kinds of medicines. I have 5% BP i have to use during the day, along with a moisturizer called recon. retin A micro at night and i take a minocycline pill once a day also. My skin really isnt bad so i was surpised i have to take all this stuff. I'm one week in and its worse if not better. any ideas as to how long before anything positive happens? i'm supposed to go in for another visit in 4 weeks.
  3. hey, i'm going to a dermatologist this week. are there any medicines i should ask for or any i should avoid? I have had moderate acne for years and neither bp or salicylic acid got me clear.
  4. Marshall---the SAME thing happened to me. The BP did clear the active acne, and I was amazed at how quickly. But after struggling on the regimen for about 8-9 months, I realized that my skin looked plain unhealthy, was "clogged" underneath from the BP, and overly reliant on the BP. I was TERRIFIED of missing an application of it! I stopped it cold turkey, and my skin looked like total, TOTAL crap for about 2-3 weeks. Now I use a salicylic acid based program, and I still breakout out frequently,
  5. i used to use it to make my red marks fade, and to a degree it did. However i stopped using all bp about three weeks ago. For a few days my face looked awful but then every single red mark i had during my bp usage vanished. I'm feeling a lot better being off the regimin. Salicylic Acid doesnt work miracles, but i'm getting better slowly. Its got to a point where if i missed one application i would break out horribly. After i stopped i had to bear a week of about a million awful red marks on top
  6. food definatly has a direct connection to acne. Bad foods might not cause it, but eating healthy can help you prevent it and help your skin heal better. If you dont eat the right things your body cannot function normally. To actually answer the original post, yea, certain foods probably do cause your hormones to act differently. However i don't think eating junk food once will do anything. Its really all long term stuff.
  7. i ate a fair amount of unhealthy foods, but havn't broken out from it. no chocolate, just stuff like cake and cookies.
  8. i cut my BP usage down to once a day now that i no longer have anymore pimples. the regimin got me clear, but now i technically look worse because i have like a million red marks. But i feel better knowing that i dont have pimples. at night i just put the aloe directly onto the redmarks. does anyone know what foods directly repair skin? i figure even with aloe and the rest your skin can't heal well if your not getting all the right vitamins and minerals and stuff, thanks
  9. i've been using aloe on mine, it doesnt clog my skin or cause new pimples and it's been healing my red marks fairly well. plus it just feels really good compared to the bp. actually i dont know if its the aloe thats directly healing them. my skin does fairly well getting rid of red marks on its own, but since starting on the bp it's not been so great. the aloe probably just prevents more bp irritation on my skin thats trying to heal.
  10. one thing i noticed about my red marks is they look about 10 times worse for like an hour after i wake up, but then they get much better as the day goes and by the time i get home at night you can barely see them at all. so if you wake up and look awful dont stress about it. the worst thing you can do is stress yourself out.
  11. i thought i read on that post that the vinegar gets rid of old red marks also. either way i started using aloe on the red spots and hydrocortizone for on the spot, and it seems to make my skin feel over all softer, but it looks much worse. i think the bp must have just been killing so much skin that i had a build up of dead skin that helped cover up marks. either way the bp only method is not for me. i'll let you know if the aloe and cortizone works. overall my results havent exactly matched dan
  12. alright, i just read an old thread about a vinegar and lemon juice remedy. can anyone say this really really helps? second can i keep using the bp with it? i want to be fairly sure i wont royally screw myself up if i try the vinegar. thanks.
  13. hey, the regimin is working great. my active acne has reduced in the past weeks, however my skin has nearly lost the ability to heal itself since starting, since starting bp i havent had one mark fade away and they are building up and starting to look bad. pimples themselves are taking like three times as long to go away. i need some way to make my skin start healing itself again. if i can get that with the bp then i could be clear. any advice?
  14. hey, just wanted to let yall know that i never switched from the 10% because i was feeling lazy and i didnt really feel like it was irritating my skin, but now i think i need to step it down. my skin is clear just a few little marks. i was wondering if a post acne regimin exists like vitamins and other cleansers and stuff. i can see how being on the bp permanently could have a damaging effect over time. i'm definatly decreasing the dosage and continuing my search for a moisturizer that doesnt bu
  15. i just got through that exact same thing. it made mine last about two or three times as long, but theoretically they should be your last. if your noticing that then your skin is probably clearing up a bit to. hang in there. it made me look like i had about three times as many pimples as i really did for about a week. my solution was to use a BP cream with a tanner in it to make your skin look more uniform and spotless. then i switched back to the normal stuff once i was improved.