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  1. [y]Ybu7KmgGVrM[/y]
  2. I second this. Try giving your skin a break, just use water for a few weeks, and a washcloth to exfoliate the dead skin cells.
  3. Maybe you should try to get some herpes meds instead.
  4. Very cool blossom, keep it up. I eat pretty much whatever, whenever and I just get like 1-2 small pimples like every other day, I just stopped stressing about it and things are getting a lot better. Good luck, and don't give in! wfw - actors usually take accutane to keep their skin clear, which is one of the few medications that does work 99% of the time for acne, but it does have some bad side effects.
  5. That's what I'm talking about! For the past 6 months I havent used any topicals except for a high quality English soap every once and a while. Oh and btw, watched True Life: Living off the Grid last night. A bunch of dudes and some chick lived in the woods for a year with no electronics, hygiene stuff, etc and GUESS WHAT? NONE OF THEM HAD ACNE!! go figure right?
  6. No sh*t. Hobo's don't have acne. Inmates don't have acne. Wonder who has acne? PEOPLE THAT USE "ACNE FIGHTING PRODUCTS" Neutrogena, Clearasil, J&J, etc make BILLIONS OF DOLLARS from people that keep using their crappy products that DON"T WORK and USUALLY MAKE THINGS WORSE!
  7. I use urine as my daily cleanser and once a week I use poo as a clay mask. My excrements must be extremely vitamin rich because all my acne has cleared up within just 1 week of starting this regimen.. If anybody is interested I will probably start marketing my urine soon, under the name "Pee-active", if you would like to try some let me know asap because there will be a very limited supply.
  8. tnx for the comment on my thread. Yea, I going to knock on the doors to get my foot in the door.) I guess I'll have to move once I graduate.

  9. SON OF A BIOTCH!!! I went for 6 months without using ANY topicals on my face and things were going great, I just had some occasional problems with flaky skin. So then I got the bright idea to exfoliate using a St Ives apricot scrub this weekend, and then washed my face with soap the next day. Now my skin looks horrible and I have like 4 big red spots!!
  10. Cerave cleanser and lotion. Aquaphor healing ointment for lips.
  11. You could wear this, might help with the stress. http://images.buycostumes.com/mgen/merchandiser/21135.jpg
  12. Cerave lotion is awesome. I tryed all kinds of different lotions and creams, and cerave worked best for me. Keeps your skin from flaking and its not greasy at all.