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  1. They took before and after photos but I didn't get the photos from them. I suppose I could call and ask if they'll give them to me. No, I didn't take any myself.
  2. Acne.org's AHA lotion seems to work really well for when I'd get cysts and scabby zits. Not sure why, but it would heal faster and be less likely to scar or not as darkly. I also recommend an antibacterial ointment like neosporin or I prefer colloidal silver ointments. Putting moisturizer on top of that can protect it too. Short answer - use both.
  3. Micellar water sounds pretty harmless, but I don't know what brand you're using and its exact ingredients. IMO thorough removal of makeup is pretty important, so I think it's a good idea to make sure you get it all off. "Double cleansing" is popular in korean beauty routines and it works well for me. Basically you use an oil cleanser to remove all makeup and then follow with a gentle, regular face wash. It doesn't break me out but some people are scared of all oils. Micellar water sounds lik
  4. I decided to try Clear and Brilliant because it's a relatively affordable laser with no downtime. I didn't have high expectations but was hoping for some improvement of my texture. I had a few very shallow pit marks on my cheeks and an orange peel / bumpy texture on my chin. My face was mostly clear but always with a few angry cysts. I had large, visible pores and skin overall looked kinda rough. I did a package of 6 sessions and chose the texture laser for all 6 (as opposed to the one fo
  5. If you can hide out for a day to let it heal, do so. Put some antibacterial ointment like neosporin on it (or I personally like a colloidal silver wound ointment) and place a small circle bandaid over it to prevent bumping it and to help keep bacteria out. If you must go out, then a liquid banadage has worked for me. After it dries, I gently apply a little concealer. Be very careful when / if you wash off the liquid bandage later so you don't reopen the wound. Acne spot patches are also v
  6. My skincare is mostly Korean. I love it! Its not a 10 step but it is pretty lengthy. The ingredients are awesome for the price. See my sig for my exact routine. My focus is on - thorough makeup removal with double cleansing (oil Cleanser followed by regular Cleanser) - clear pores with BHA and AHA serums - protecting and soothing with moisturizers and ampoules packed with anti-inflammatories - making my sebum (aka skin oil) more effective (i.e. a natural defense against bacteria). Vitami
  7. How did Ziana work out for you? When did the IB end? It was such a long time ago, that I cannot remember what happened with the IB. I do remember not liking it, which is why I stopped it. I think it was drying and not that effective, if I remember right. My best results have been with BP 2x a day except when I use tazorac at night. I will use 2% tazorac a few nights a week for about a month, then a month rest, and so on. I also moisturize well, which seems to help decrease inflammatio
  8. ^ No it's NOT bad for teens, IMO, because as mentioned, most "anti-aging" ingredients are really just anti-inflammatory (ie. red pimples are inflamed, so anti-inflammatory stuff helps prevent/heal these), anti-oxidant (prevent & heal skin damage), moisturizing and strengthening ingredients which all benefit acne prone skin too. Even if it doesn't specifically help clear acne, it can improve the over all complexion & combat the drying side effects of acne meds (ie. BP or retin-a). The
  9. I just started up on tazarortene again about 8 weeks ago. I had a difficult dry period & my skin was blotchy & raw looking, but the acne was clearing, so I persevered. Then I decided to replace my cetaphil moisturizer at night with Oil of Olay Regenerist Night Cream (the purple one). I did this because of the ingredients (see below) & affordability. Well, the past two weeks have shown vast improvement. I have no doubt it's the tazarotene too, but this seems to be the missing piece.
  10. From my experience, no. However, I use a prescription retinoid (tazarotene), which come in cream form also. I have better results using this than glycolic acid alone, which I used at 10% concentration. I tried that (mainly for financial reasons; couldn't afford a prescription for awhile), and my skin got pretty bad. Glycolic acid helped to heal breakouts faster, keep pores clear, and fade redmarks, but it didn't prevent inflamed acne and cysts for me. When I first stated with a prescriptio
  11. Remember that BP is a treatment, not a cure. Your skin has cleared up due to a consistent treatment. Unless the cause of your acne goes away (hormonal change, etc), then stopping treatment will allow the acne to form again. If you don't use BP, then you'll probably need something else to keep it at bay. I'd look at your family history - do people your age or older generally get acne still? For example: there are several family members of mine who get acne into their 50s, and my skin has follo
  12. You have some rather large inflamed pimples, and considering you are currently treating it with topicals & it's still breaking out like that, I'd label it moderate acne. I'd group it this way: - Mild acne tends to be mostly comedal, possibly with a few small inflamed pimples, the occasional pustule & never cysts. - Moderate is when there are numerous inflamed pimples, including frequent large pustules & a few cysts/nodules on occasion. - Severe includes frequent & numer
  13. Inflammatory acne often hurts because of the inflammation itself. So a small, red pimple can hurt & not be a cyst/nodule, but simply a pustule/papule. Nodules/cysts are identified by their size, "depth" & how long they last: http://www.acne.org/whatisacne.html http://www.acne.org/types-of-acne.html It seems all inflamed acne has potential to scar because of the "break" in the pore wall that occurs, but pustules/papules are less likely to than cysts/nodules because they are larger,
  14. There is no comparable product that I know of. Clindamycin kills bacteria, which both helps prevent & heal acne. The best OTC equivalent is probably good old 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. I doubt the wipes exfoliate much (are they textured?), but if you want some ex-foliating action similar to them, then try some non-medicated, textured towelettes designed to remove makeup &/or cleanse the face. Your current solution sounds easy though, and if it works for you, then you may just want to he
  15. The way she rubs her fingers all over her face horrifies me a bit also, as does the heavy layers & layers of makeup (all expensive products too). That's a lot for everyday, and I know it would exacerbate my acne to be that rough with my skin & to use that much product. She does look great though, and I always admire the courage it takes to go makeup free in a video/photos online!
  16. I don't like to overwash my face, plus I wear makeup. I don't bother with blotting sheets either - too small & too expensive. Instead, I buy packs of facial tissue & keep one in my purse at all times. They do the job of gently absorbing excess oil without taking too much of my makeup off. If needed, I'll apply a light powder also, but that's only to replace rubbed off makeup. I don't apply powder unless I can blot first. It ruins my powder puff & makes me look cakey. As f
  17. Anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to fully heal....the larger it is, the longer it takes to heal. Happily for me, they stop being so painful after a few weeks. Oh, I should actually differentiate between cysts & nodules.....cysts seem to "turn into" nodules if I leave them alone (ie. no picking/popping). The pus pushes itself to the surface, dries out & then flakes off (gross, I know). However, the red, swollen bump remains for awhile, slowing flattening out. Nodules do the same, but
  18. I googled it....it's hemorrhoid cream. Although, based on the ingredients, it would be good for lots of stuff, such as bruises and general ouchies.
  19. Walmart's generic version of proactiv's repairing lotion is their brand Equate (not the AcneFree brand). You can buy their BP lotion separately (not in a kit). It's a 2.5% BP too!!!! Not a 5% or 10% like most drugstore products. I have not used it myself, but Equate usually duplicates the "compare to" product's ingredients pretty closely, so I'm betting it's quite similar to proactiv's BP lotion, which is not bad except for its heavy fragrance. The price seems right too.....around $5 if I recall
  20. I'm curious about any experiences you guys have had with the following ingredients and their supposed benefits. What products have you tried with any of these, and how did they work for you? Sea kelp (aka bioferment products) - anti-inflammatory and antioxidant Nobiletin - antibacterial, antioxidant, sebum inhibition Dimethlaminoethanol (DMAE Bitartrate) - anti-inflammatory, firming Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) - anti-inflammatory, even skin tone Argan oil - anti-inflammatory
  21. I find many foundations with silicones to break me out a bit more than normal if I use them on a regular basis...maybe it's another ingredient in there, but the pattern is the same. However, occasional use is not an issue. I sometimes use a silicone primer when I'm going out for extra oil control & because of its "smoothing" effect on the appearance of pores. This doesn't seem to be a problem for me unless I do it too often. I have yet to try moisturizers with silicones, but many wrinkle cre
  22. For department stores, I like Origins. I've heard good things about Sephora's Makeup Forever HD foundation, but I haven't tried it. For drugstore, I second Almay as pretty good. I like mineral makeup best though, and for department store brands I like Bare Minerals but ONLY the matte formula. Online, Lumiere Cosmetics is my new fave makeup. I got samples from them for just the price of shipping (around $5), and then I ordered a full foundation for $12; can't complain about those prices....
  23. Most MMU seems to have mica....but if you don't have a mica sensitivity (most people don't), then it should be okay. I actually like Bare Minerals Matte - no bismuth oxychloride. But my new favorite is Lumiere Cosmetics in Flawless Finish. Everyday Minerals was great, but I haven't tried their new formulas. Alima is decent, but it didn't have enough coverage for me.
  24. So I was a big Everyday Minerals fan until they discontinued my summer color, and then altered the Intensive formula (which is now discontinued also). I also wasn't happy with the direction of the company, so I began a new quest for a new MMU brand to meet all of my demands. With a hard-to-match light olive skin tone, an acne prone & oily complexion, and need of heavy coverage, I can be pretty picky about my makeup. I tried Bare Minerals Matte formula for my summer shade, and the Golden
  25. Have you tried their mate formula?