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  1. Same thing happens to me Ill meet a guy when im clear and everything is fine then when we are supposed to go out on a date or something BAM breakout so I cancel and I keep on making excuses day in and day out as of why I cant reschedule for a while....long story short guy gets mad I end up back at square one... ALONE... Its ok though considering I just got out of a 6 yr relationship and I just recently turned 22 . The whole time I was with my ex he had perfect skin and I had the disgustin
  2. Damn if only I had the time to write down all the stupid comments people have made about my skin over the years.. I haven't been on here cuz my skin has gotten a lot better and until recently I was clear... (On saturday one of my moms friends touched my faced with her nasty hands and I broke out .. God I was pissed and I told her not to touch my face ever again ). Well back to the topic there's this guy that works at the university I go to. I was working in a supermarket my sophomore
  3. Thats really uplifting news for me, thanks. And you apply the CSR every day? 2 times a day? Could you breifly brake down as to how your regiem works? Ok this is the way it works for me... MORNING: 1. Wash face with Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar 2. Wait 15+ minutes for my face to dry 3. Apply Neutrogena on the Spot Acne Treatment After those steps I continue to get dressed etc..... NIGHT: Do the same steps as the ones listed above I used cetaphil as part of the regimen but
  4. I had the same problem. At first I didnt use moisturizer and my acne started going away. Then my face got real dry so I used cetaphil... ( bad idea I broke out like crazy). What I did is I hung in there with the dry face and then in like 3 weeks my face got used to it and I had no active pimples just redmarks.. I bought neutrogena healthy skin face lotion and I started putting it on every other day and my marks are fading away rather quickly and ive only gotten 1 pimple but thats due to h
  5. Dude first off.... who said looking at him made me feel better? can you show me where and when I specifically said that? second, the only reason I put up the post is so next time one of us is feeling like the whole world is in conspiracy against us , we can remind ourselves that there are people with bigger issues then us. I will remind myself that anyways..........
  6. LMAO are you kidding me???? As for those of you who insists it's fake...like kanmi said, you can't see the other side of his face, therefore you do not know how he eats or breathes: BESIDES HAVEN"T YALL SEEN THE MAURY SHOW????? people who have these things on their face and other areas or their body DO i repeat DO EXIST.. so my point is , believe it or not it's up to you.........................
  7. no its not, but i did see that one and wow ... it would suck to be him yea now.... but ive had my face full blown...I spent this entire summer locked in my house because I didnt want people to see my face. When I went back to school people were asking me where had I been. I made up all sorts of excuses not to go outside. So yea after seeing that pic I started to think "Thank God i only have acne" Is it that hard to believe that theres people with bigger problems then us?
  8. Here we are feeling sorry about ourselves because we have acne... would you rather be in this poor guy's shoes?? I think not so next time we start to think about how miserable our lives are look at this picture.... it will make you appreciate that you are not that bad after all http://poetry.rotten.com/lisboa/
  9. did no one else notice the math on this one? not quite on the dot lololololol
  10. I know how you feel, you just described my day at school. When people pass me by in the hall I try looking another way, I cant seem to look at people's eyes. Most people in the damn university have nice looking skin and there I go out of place..DAMN IT !!! LOL.. When people look at me I feel like they are thinking about how horrible I look Oh well for now all i can do is hope that one day I will look like them