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  1. Hey Lore91 were thinking of you and hope to hear from you soon.

  2. So today I decided that enough is enough. I was trying to get on with my day at work when I look down and notice a huge pimple on the back of my hands. I'm currently in the toilets at work in tears. That's acne literally all over my face, my back, my neck, my arms, my legs, my belly and now a spot on my hand. I'm covered. I just mentally can't take it anymore. Acne has destroyed me. I often come to the toilets to eat my lunch like in some bad teen movie because my social anxiety is so
  3. Hey ... I'm sorry to hear. I'm going through the exact same. Since moving country my skin has gone from bad to worse - acne all over my face, my arms, my neck, my back, my upper thighs. I'm constently red and look irritated. It's ruining my life. i'm in the process of quitting my job and going back to the Uk to see a derm and hopefully restart a full dosage of accutane (after my last one cleared me, but has now returned). I will also be staring therapy. Before I thought therapy was pointless,
  4. Aside from Sri Srinivasan , the rest all look like perfect skin to me - so if that's what you consider BAD, I'd hate for you to see my face. In fact, this thread literally does nothing but make me feel like shit, knowing that you find slightly large pores to be 'pretty bad scarring'.
  5. Omg i have the exact same! it goes from my upper back up to my neck and arms.
  6. Thanks so much, Snarky, for your support. It truly is appreciated. Today I was on skype with my mum and just broke down... I feel so awful. I put her through so much, but she's the only person I can talk too. I love her endlessly and I honestly think that without her in my life I would have killed myself a long time ago. I've decided that I'm going to go home. I can't live with this. My acne is so inhibiting that I honestly feel that if I stay here I will end up suicidal. I love this country
  7. I can honestly, honestly tell you that most people here would kill for your skin. Just take a look at some of the member pictures -- all of them will have skin worse than yours because yours is verging on flawless. Your tone is even. Your 'scars' just look like slightly enlarged pores to me. You NEED to get help for this, because you are literally the definition of BDD. It's almost offensive that you find your skin suicide-worthy, haha... I'm sorry you're going through this. I know the toll me
  8. If you are 100% clear with benzoyl then he won't give you accutane. Accutane is for severe acne - and if he physically can't see any, then no, he won't prescribe you? Thats not just basic practice, that's SAFE practice.
  9. Today is day number 10 of low dose accutane, which means I have taken three 20mg pills in total. I can;t stop crying... my skin is just such a mess. I dared to take a look at the back of my neck and my back with a mirror today and god.. it's so so awful. Everywhere is covered, absolutely covered, in this red, inflamed closed comedones. I just feel so defeated and lost. i can't carry on feeling this sad... it'll killme. I already feel so sick and exhausted every day. It's getting hot here in
  10. Thanks snarky! I really appreciate your support. i'm almost praying that it's the shaver and that it will start to get better. Unfortunately for work i have to shave every day! which definately doesn't help. However, my days off are wednesday and thursday, so I haven't shaved yesterday or today. I can see a lot of little bumps and irritation under my stubble which is disheartening, and there's just so much redness. however I now have a new clean head and blades on my razor so it's pretty mu
  11. I'm sorry Kim... it's so frustrating to just not know what else to do! I always wish that someone would just tell me what to do... if someone said, Oh it's this exact ingredient, I'd never use it... it's this exact food, I'd never eat it...if I had to eat bird poop every day I would! I just don't know what to do :(Sigh... Thank you so much snarky, I really appreciate it. So today is day 9 and my THIRD accutane pill (20mg). The past two days I had an AWFUL breakout all around my nose, my l
  12. Oh I have acne and scarring, actually. Some of these scars will never go, I know that. I wish I was just dealing with scarring, but like you im still getting dailt, consistant acne.
  13. I feel you so much, and i'm so sorry to hear you're going through this ... last year I was literally an arms length away from killing myself. One night I even wrote my suicide note, but tired myself out from crying that I passed out and fell asleep ... Unfortunately, recently I am falling back into that depression. I never want to leave the house, I suffer now from severe social anxiety, I get scared if anyone stands next to me, close enough to see my skin. From the moment I wake I am fille