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  1. Suspicious and it is obvious the before and after pics each are one single pic with the acne photoshoped on or away
  2. Ok I'll give it another shot.. If the burning is more than you can handle or more than you feel it should be then try either using less at each time you apply the BP or stick with the same amount but only do it at night. Right now I'm only doing about 1/3 finger's worth of BP only at night and it seems to be perfectly adequate even though I'm in about the 3rd week of CSR. It just depends on your acne and skin type though.
  3. Apparently the clumping can happen if its a BP cream instead of a lotion so the only option might be to try and find a 2.5% BP vanishing lotion if you can.
  4. If your skin is good with the BP now then using AHA is fine there is even some recommended products somewheres on the pages of the CSR so its ok but as for BHA I've read some things that say never use BP and BHA together and some that say different. I think it should be ok as long as you don't use those acids with BP at the same time. Actually I think its ok to use AHA with BP like if it is in a moisturizer
  5. This may be of some help? http://www.emedicine.com/derm/topic395.htm
  6. It looks like you've answered your own questions It also looks like I'm using the same stuff as you too except the acne mark fading peel. Does your skin get irritated at all using it when you're also using BP or how/when do you do it?
  7. Just be careful about possible irritation using it with BP like make sure your face is completely used to BP first.
  8. Are you using the regular one or the one with SPF 15 cos I know that one can make my face shiney but it's not greasy or heavy at all to me. Maybe try using less if you can?
  9. Day 3 would be way too early to start using a full finger's worth of BP not to mention doing it twice a day. This will show you how to do it http://www.acne.org/finger.html (Not sure if I understood your question exactly sorry if I didn't)
  10. Hello. I'm 20 now but I got acne in grade 3 some time after I had the chicken pox and puberty came 3 years after that in grade 6. I did a search here and on google of "acne before puberty" and the very few things I could find were things saying acne does not occur before puberty and I think one person on here saying it happened to them in an old post. Also a site saying that acne occuring before puberty means there is more likelihood that the person will have severe acne later on but it has been
  11. Ok. Thanks alot :) I think I might try a cold cloth anyways or some gel things you put on your eyes (like those eye masks with gel in them) since I have two in the fridge and they are sparkly inside. Even if it doesn't do anything it will atleast fell nice. :D
  12. I'd say just continue doing what you do normally and don't worry about it cos that will only add to the stress or make things worse than they are if it is really that bad or not I don't know. Even if you do end up breaking out the CSR is apparently working for you so it will have those things back under control again.
  13. It is a watery solution with some other stuff in it. I have a bottle of Nivea Visage Moisturizing Toner and on the back it says something to the effect of 'for use after cleansing to remove soap residues and moisturize your skin blah blah blah' and on the back of the one I'm using now 'use it anytime to hydrate and when your skin needs a refresher'. Basically I use it to remove soap film/residue and whenever my face becomes oily or sweaty and I don't want to wash my face all over again because i
  14. I know some people say they put a bunch of bp on a zit and bam it dried up the next morning but I've been using BP and putting a little extra on the active pimples sometimes hoping it would work and it has in no way helped/dried up the thing anymore than other areas of my face using normal amounts. I really don't think more is the answer, especially if your face is new to BP cos that would just equal more irritation, but everyone's skin is different. So my advice would be smother the thing in BP