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  1. Hello! I could really use some advice. I have been wondering if anyone else here uses self tanner to cover up red marks on their face and if it caused any problems for them regarding their acne or if it actuallly even worked to cover them up. I really am sick of having to put on a whole face of makeup everytime I want to leave my house especailly in the summer heat, and it would be nice to enjoy a makeup free summer since my acne is pretty much cleared up right now and it is just all these red s
  2. I know for me mangos and pineapple make my mouth really really itchy after eating them, so I stay away from them. I think it is more about eating something and really listening to your body afterwards. I'm sure it is different for different people.
  3. I always think I look better after sex...but maybe thats becasue I am happy
  4. I have really really really dry skin...I mean nothing seems to work on it. It seems that all the moisterizers just sit on my skin instead of actually absorbing....so i was thinking of using vaseline but I dont want my skin to brake out (obviously)...so is there anyoine who has actually tried putting this on their skin???
  5. the worst comments that I ever got was from my family members (usually strangers are pretty polite), and the worst thing is they never say things directly to me, to try and help me. One day I walked into the room where my dad and sister were sitting and my dad says to my little sister as I walk in, "go get me that encyclopedia so I can look up cures for acne", I was so hurt, and just walked to my room and cried all night without anyone knowing. Its something that I really dont understand becaus
  6. I have seen olive oil posted a few times to use as a moisterizer and I would like to try using it as I dont want to use any commercial products (my skin and eating regime is trying to be as natural/organic etc as possible) but I am scared that putting oil directly on my face will make me break out, has anyone broken out from using olive oil and is it really effective for moisterizing?
  7. I wish people would just ignore me when i have no makeup on, then maybe i could go to the gym and get a decent workout in without having people stare at my red marks... but i understand, i have been wearing makeup for the last 2 years every single day...there is not a person in my life who i let see me without it...how great it would be to jump out of bed in the morning, splash water on my face and leave my room, its not just about the time it takes to put it on, for me its the knowledge that i
  8. . OMG I am not spending another cent on organic! But of all the stuff I read that says how bad all the pesticides are, I was so paranoid, is it really not a big deal?
  9. yah I did an apple water fast for a few days and yes it improved my skin, but I mean its not like it is a permanent change and after a week I was back to pretty much the same state. (you cant eat apples for the rest of your life ) I think this is only useful if you are trying to really change your diet for the long term, if you were to do the 3 or 4 day fast or cleanse in order to 'reset' your eating habits as they say and then employ a raw or other intense diet it would probably be helpful IMO
  10. LOL, I dont think I will be taking steriods anytime soon! This was my second day of doing intense cardio and I feel so good exercising again that I dont think I would stop unless it had a really really bad affect. I will see after a month though if I see some noticable difference and I will post my results, even though it wont be a conclusive fact after a month, more information and experiences cant hurt. The next biggest test is stress though...I start my university classes tomorrow....stress
  11. Hi this is my first post (usually I just browse the existing ones without contributing) But I have been unable to find enough information on the connection between exercise and acne (possibly because there isnt much substantial information) But I was wondering if anyone has any personal experiences with it. I guess I will just tell my back ground a little bit, from the age of 16-19, (4 years) I did alot of intense exercise, lots of intense cardio everyday, and I had perfect skin. Unfortunatley a