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  1. I had moderate acne...I mainly broke out on my cheeks...I got a few cysts every now and then. I didnt have any side effects on the bactrim...the only thing I can tell you is to avoid going out in the sun for a long periods of time without sunblock because it does make your skin more sensitive to sunlight.
  2. I am currently on the sulfameth (an antibiotic).. I have been on it since December. My face has definitely cleared up alot...I still have red marks, and I break out occasionally, but they are just little whiteheads that go away in a couple days. I am also taking Zinc to help heal the pimples faster. I was on sulfametg a couple years ago, and it did wonders for my face..this time is proving to be very successful too! I would definitely recommend it!
  3. Can Bactrim DS cause you to bruise easily? I have been on it for 3 months and I get unexplained bruises on my thighs, stomach, and arms..please help!
  4. I have been on Bactrim now for 2 months and my face still isnt cleared up. I still get breakouts. The only change I have seen is that I dont get cysts anymore, but I still break out in the same place on my cheek. Should the Bactrim be working by now? Last time I was on it, I was pretty much cleared up by month 2. Can someone help me?
  5. I have been living with acne for about 2 years now. I was on bactrim in the past and it worked like a dream, but i had to go off of it because i didnt have insurance. I was put back on it about a month and a half ago because my acne got WAY worse. I have noticed a difference, but I still get breakouts...always in the same spot. I really hate this, I am being really impatient. The crazy thing is, my boyfriend, who is amazing, always tells me I am beautiful. I always say thank you, but on the
  6. Just when I think the bactrim for my acne is working, I have a new breakout..It isnt as bad as the breakouts I used to get, but I have like 3 new little pimples on my chin..I think it may be hormonal, and its about that time of the month for me, but Im not sure. I hate this! My mom and sister say my face has gotten ALOT better, but I dont feel like it has..maybe I have too high of expectations..I want my face to be completely clear..I have been on bactrim for a little over a month..maybe im jus
  7. I never built up a tolerance to it....I was on it for about 8 months..I also use purpous soap to wash my face...it can be drying sometimes, especially in the wintertime, but I like it otherwise.
  8. I agree..accutane was a last resort for me, and Im glad bactrim worked for me cause I dont wanna take accutane. How long did it take for you to see full results?
  9. I have had no side effects whatsoever...thats what I like about this drug.. I tried doxycycline, but it gave me really bad stomach cramps...so I had to stop...
  10. I just couldnt go back to my derm cause I had no insurance, but my regular doctor just called it in for me again..I didnt even have to go in for an appt....I am hoping the breakouts stop soon...but I do love bactrim...its awesome...I get no cysts anymore, just little whiteheads that go away in a couple days..I am glad I finally found someone on here that is taking this drug too..it gives me more hope
  11. I have just started bactrim again about a month ago. I was on it previously but had to stop because i didnt have insurance. It was definitely a miracle drug for me the first time. I started to break out really bad about 6 months after stopping the bactrim..so I went on it again...it has been a month now..my breakouts have definitely decreased..I still get a couple zits sometimes though, but they dont last long...hopefully here in about another month i will be completely clear! How long did i
  12. OK guys, I have these 3 red marks on my right cheek. Just when I think they are disappearing, another zit pops up...in the same places ALL the time. I cant get rid of them...Is this normal to get zits in the same spot all the time??? If so, how can I stop that? I am currently on Bactrim antibiotic..been on it for a month now...please help me..
  13. I have been on an antibiotic, Bactrim for a month now..I noticed results after 3 weeks...but now I have 3 more zits on my face..the last time I was on bactrim it cleared me up pretty quick, but its takin longer now. I will admit my acne is alot better..I dont get cysts anymore and the zits I do get heal within a day of popping them without any infection...I was just wondering how long it takes to see full results..any help would be GREATLY appreciated..
  14. So, you really think diet has a direct connection to acne? Ive been wondering this for a long time...I have come to the conclusion that certain foods aggarvate my acne, such as fast food, chocolate, pop, things like that..but its hard to stay on a regular diet when my whole family eats out all the time..I will say that I only drink water now, thats it...no pop..but the fast food is hard to cut out of my life..I am currently on Bactrim antibiotics for my acne, and it has definitely helped...I ha
  15. Flourescent lighting is the worst (we have them at work)..and the rearview mirror in my car...I look awful in it...but my bathroom has really good lighting so it doesnt look so bad...in fact, my acne has cleared up ALOT since starting the antibiotic, Bactrim.. I just have a couple whiteheads..but the lighting and mirrors really bring out my red marks...