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  1. Anyone tried? I bought it at Walgreens as it was on sale (2 for 1), but I'm afraid to deviate away from Aubrey Nicole and try it out... I just remember the old days of Colorstay and thought it would be good to have an emergency able to be purchased at a drugstore makeup for if I was out of town, etc.
  2. Maybelline's Ultra Liner in Waterproof is also really good!
  3. try rinsing with vinegar as soon as you rinse the dye out. it opens up the cuticle or something...keeps the color longer. a lot of people who dye bright colors (think special FX, etc) do this.
  4. yeah, but if you're in the U.S, it's still cheaper to just use the 10% coupons...on a large order anyways (I always order more than $50 at a time :-/ )
  5. I've had that from certain types of bc...
  6. Comments? I picked some up today because I'm temp out of AN and everything thing else (colorstay, etc) was nowhere to be found (wal-mart was remodeling and it was 11:45 pm and i ran out of make-up today/need it for work tomorrow). Break out? Coverage? Greasy?
  7. AN hands down, I threw out my SM samples. Nice turqoise eyeshadow, but not what I wanted in a foundation.
  8. man, i JUST ordered a kit from AN and got the original one (that I already have). The order came last Thursday . I wonder if they'll trade with me...
  9. I just mailed out my first swap yesterday .
  10. I have never tried a birth control pill that didn't kill my sex drive and I've been on a ton!
  11. I just ordered my AN starter kit, some samples of fairy dust and the gel primer.
  12. Yasmin is the least likely pill to cause weight gain, Mandy, due to its diuretic properties in the progestin. Every person is different, but that's what the general consensus on weight gain with Yasmin is. Some people even lose weight, I'm going to try Yaz after giving Microgestin a couple more months.
  13. Gimme Lean tastes really good! Well, I'm definitely not protein deficient and all mine comes from soy, and plant based foods, so meh.
  14. Interesting that the male version has black cohosh. That is a women's remedy, traditionally. I'm not familiar with garden marigold, but the other ingredients look okay. Blue and black cohosh are more estrogenic.
  15. Gimme Lean is a vegan sausage alternative that is packed with protein. it's about 3.99 for a package, which contains 6 servings i believe *(i don't know it's so good, i never watch the servings, ha)* The FAT FREE, no cholesterol replacement for sausage. Meatballs, loaves, patties, crumbles, casseroles… The uses are endless. Nutrition Facts Per Single Serving Serving Size 2 oz. 57g Calories 50 Fat 0g Saturated Fat 0g Trans Fat 0g Cholesterol 0mg Sodium 330mg Carbohydrate 4g Fiber 2g Suga