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  1. just because its a very sensitive area, and will dry up and thin out alot quicker then other regions of your face, go ahead but less frequently. Also i noticed you said cream, tretenoin creams ive heard are oil based rather than gel, alcohol based, which can clog up your pores.
  2. yeah he injects with collagen then stitches them up, they're removed a week later, the ones from behind your ear are removed like 2 weeks or something i think, i just had my normal doc do them.
  3. I'd like to one day, but tbh i dont have the time for it now, its like 2 weeks downtime plus it was so hard the first time, i kept it a secret from everyone i know, i wont ever discuss this with friends or family ect, sleeping in a hotel is expensive and sleeping in my car was shit... yeah he gives them like 2 stitches i think, the cuts from the stitches healed before the bruises so i think it was fine. but yeah one side of my face needs at least another treatment for me to be happy. My comp i
  4. i got this done a couple months ago by dr sinclair, i have pics but they are on my pc which is broken, maybe one day ill be able to post. not every scar treated is now completely level but definitely an improvement, also i only had one treatment and it was really embarrassing for me, as it would anyone but i dont know if i could do it again but it was worth it, it took like 2 weeks b4 i was comfortable to go in public, only small bruises but 2 hard lumps under the skin... it was wierd all the
  5. I have done it before and probably made them worse. I just don't think there is anything mainstream that really can reduce pore size visually, yet. But I can't speak for everyone so if you try it just needle 1 small pore.
  6. Who says diet affects acne anyway. Yea you don't need to consume massive amounts of calories to build muscle, but your never going to make the same gains if you cut down calories, simple as that.
  7. You'll not take accutane which is a miracle drug, but you will drink people juice? aren't you being even more close minded by not giving something that has cured millions a chance? But anything that works to get you out of the hell i guess... anything.
  8. I know from experience ok.... and having "healthy" skin has nothing to do with getting acne. The fact that people walk around thinking people with acne are unhealthy is just completely wrong, eating healthy can only do so much, if acne is in your genes your are going to get acne no matter what the fuck you put in your mouth, no one that hasn't dealt with it would know any different. It's an annoying misconception and if i didn't believe the same bull shit when i was younger my face wouldn't be
  9. Karma you don't know what your talking about, i keep my body in top anabolic form which means 100% vitamins, water, protein. Im 75kg 170cm tall with a six pack. Your body does not affect your skin. If you think that the only reason a person who is acne prone gets acne because they don't look after their body, you are completely uneducated. Acne isn't internal, go research how acne forms before you make yourself look stupid again. Also what dumb ass ever said skin is a direct reflection of the
  10. err... because the guy uses oil and toothpaste to try and get rid of zits... enough said
  11. Wow this site is so clueless. No exercising wont get rid of acne or change scars in anyway, actually sweating can irritate your skin more. Heavy lifting also increases testosterone levels which leads to more acne. Also no you do not have to have a healthy body for healthy skin.... But there's nothing wrong with having a good body and being fit. You don't really have scars, all you need to do is stop fucking putting tooth paste and cocoa butter on your face, tooth paste wont do shit and cocoa bu
  12. If you have severe acne you need to get on accutane, you say your poor, but whats more important money or stopping your skin from scarring up. It might not be the dkr that is making your acne worse, it might just be a natural progression and the dkr doesn't do shit for severe acne.
  13. The regimen isn't effective for everyone, and alot less effective than something a specialist can offer you. If your skin is getting worse its probably time to book a derm appointment.
  14. Looks are vital for being happy, and as for being happy with acne, it depends if you only have 5 spots it's possible, but anyone with severe acne knows that it is just not possible to be a happy person. I was a very happy person before i got acne, and now the acne is gone i have scars. I'm not a happy person but i put up a front and still go out with friends constantly. But not happy on the inside.