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  1. Hey guys I had severe acne for 7 years and i had tried everything you can imagine. I asked my doctor to put me on roaccutane which she did. I was on it for 7 months and i havent had a zit in 3 years. Its the most amazing stuff and I recommend if you have tried everything then to get yourself on this stuff. I had no major side effects!! All i had was dry lips like once a week. I used to be on this forum night and day 3 years ago because it felt like my vconfort zone. So depressed etc etc. So im
  2. im on acutane and my skin is so umberlevable dry and im having to moistorize every 2 minutes. Flaking like mad! do i need a mosterzer with oil because i have been using one with out. Its so annoying with my dry skin coming back every 2 minutes. Just so you know i have been on accutane 5-6 months and im all clear but the odd pimple but i can see my slight scarring. Now i suffer with intense dry skin from the tablets and i dont want to use oily moisturizers, since my skin is quite oily anyways.
  3. I am on exactly he same course as you but i am in my 3rd month. Dont think because im this far that you would expect to see results.
  4. sorry its been so long till i have replied. Im on my 3rd month now of roaccutane and the side effects have kicked in. My lips are so crackedan sometimes i get bad pains in my knees and lower back. Im still on the same dosage of 20 mg a day. I thouht my skin was gettin alot better in the second month after my bad break out in the 1st month. I woke up yesterday morning and m coverd in zits in the most stupidest places on my face. I care about my looks and this seriously sucks having these big red
  5. which moisturizer should i be using if im on Accutane? My skin is going so dry and i think its leading to scarring
  6. Im getting really upset now because ive been on accutane for about 47 days and im still getting acne really bad. Is this still my IB? How long does IB last ? im not even looking the slightest bit better. THIS SUCKS! I wanna go on the outside world lol. just too embarresed cause my acne is soo bad.
  7. same position as you m8. Im on 20 mg a day and ive been on it for 1 month and 1 week. Im really not sure to get a higher dosage or not. I have the same side effects as you but i get really bad back pains and leg pains. So im worried that if i have a higher dosage that there would be more pain.
  8. Sorry i havnt been back in a while...... Month 2 , Day 1 I am the worst i have ever been having a second breakout or it could just be the 1st and the 1 before was only minor. I have boils all on my jawline....i never get thm there. I have spots all over my cheeks which have gone very red and in the middle of my forehead (inbetween eyebrows) When did everyone else start to see results? Mood Today Im really down today. I thought i was getting better and this explosion on my face has just
  9. Me and my girlfriend burnt to a crisp on the beach
  10. No one dishing out anymore pictures?
  11. 40 euros for 30 , 10mg tablets Roacutane
  12. I smoke marijuana on accutane i shouldnt smoke it anyways but just chills me out anyways i think it depends on if you smoke it ocassionaly or everyday because ive smoked it alng time so i can hanle it and i dont get paranoid. Just get hungry and have the munchies and get tired. ps. Think you should be fine but stop smoking GRASS kids